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To the Business Centre! …on Sunday morning for the Look Twice Vintage Fair. I had to take a double look at how Wivenhoe had somehow been transformed into something of a Hipster happening scene.

But this wasn’t any old Shoreditch shipped out to Wivenhoe style event. The success of the first Vintage Fair over the Regatta weekend had spread. Wivenhoe welcomed some incredibly hip Vintage loving sorts into the town on Sunday, alongside bored bloggers who can no longer squeeze into the Man at C & A style.

Stallholders included a lovely mix of the hyperlocal Hipster (ish), plus the more mature folk and friendly faces for whom Vintage isn’t just for one Sunday morning down at the Business Centre.

It helped that the sun shone from somewhere out east over Anglesea Road. Vintage evokes memories of a Golden Dawn. The golden showers [Oooh] from the day before wouldn’t have quite lit up the gathering.

With half of the mere £1 entrance fee kindly being donated to Moving Image, it was fitting to see the cinema box office popping up to take payment. The retro 50’s retro look set the scene for the stalls scattered around the old unit.

But where to start for a boy decked out in lycra that is more vulgar than Vintage?

A lovely, lovely conversation with a lady that took the form of a soft sell, and halfway through I was hooked. It’s amazing how a homemade water bottle and some scatter cushions can be brought back to the theme of bicycling.

Fine work, Madam.

With many of the clothes suiting that special – or even not so special – lady in your life, I was pleased to stumble upon the Hawaiian shirt section. You can never go wrong in making a fashion statement that doesn’t sit on the fence. Keeping with the Moving Image theme, I thought it best to take second dibs and allow a certain cinematic Hawaiian shirt lover to get stuck in first.

As well as the clothes, Look Twice also covered household items, gardening tools and homemade bread.


Chris was charming company with his burgeoning baking business. Free samples of warm fresh bread is perfect for a Sunday morning recovering from the tired and emotional state of the night before. I hope that Chris can carry on with Sunday morning home deliveries.

The gardening angle took the form of a Vintage style implement used to press down seeds during home planting. That’s the best description I can come up with. Search for ‘implement used to press down seeds during home planting’ in the B & Q online catalogue and you get a great big fat zero.

Which is why we bought up an implement used to press down seeds during home planting.

Reap what you sew, etc.

Perhaps the best bargain however was the social element. You can’t put a price on creating a social space that combines the hyperlocal economy with conversation. Talk was cheap, especially so at £1.

Is there scope for a regular market down at the Business Centre?


The trade seemed stable and Look Twice worked wonders in getting people out towards the bottom of Wivenhoe on a Sunday morning. If something sustainable could be set up, then the other local traders in the nearby units would hopefully benefit.

As for publicising such a venture?

Paul’s brilliant What’s On In Wivenhoe had a presence at Look Twice, iPad et al.

Hipster happening waiting to… happen I tell you.

Vintage morning.

Look Twice, Wivenhoe

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