Chronicling The Chronicle

Y’see the beauty about print is that you get to clarify all the facts before publishing.

Comment is free, facts are sacred blah blah blah. The modern interweb meanwhile is the springboard for the big boys to collate the hyperlocal news agenda.

Hurrah then for the big boy that is Scoop Scarpenter and his superb treatment of the Wivenhoe Health Saga in The Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe Chronicle.

Comment is free (for now… ARF!) facts are sacred.

And so you wait all year for the Esteemed Organ of Truth and Justice to lead with a Wivenhoe story, and then WOH! The Health Centre situation blows our Brightlingsea buddies out of the water.

Best have a Health Centre nearby to patch you up, boys…

Public Rejects Site for New Medical Centre

…rounds up the sequence of events that has seen the new Health Centre in Wivenhoe shift from Cook’s Shipyard, *possibly* back up to the Fire Station and then somewhere midstream in the muddy banks of the Colne.

Comment is free, facts are sacred, Comrades.

The depth of this story makes it difficult to capture the many interests and developments. But somehow Scoop does it anyway.

“Understandably many local residents feel that there has been a total lack of public consultation regarding this matter”

…sums up the saga in one sentence.

Scoop manages to blag an interview with Dr Paddy Carr and Practice Manager Zoe Cronin. Coming out of this is the fact that the funding is just a third of what is was eight years ago.

Former Mayor Peter Hill tells Scoop:

“The situation has not moved forward. It has gone backwards, back to 2004.”

The killer quote come the close of the full front page lead comes from Scoop:

“The Chronicle understands from a reliable source within the NHS that the site at Cook’s Shipyard is in reality no longer being considered.”

Comment is free, facts are sacred, folks.

But the Wivenhoe Well Being [URGH] story doesn’t stop there. Page 4 of The Chronicle carries:

Wivenhoe’s Health and Healing Fair

I understand that the holistic event taking place at the William Loveless Hall [where else?] on the 1st December isn’t an alternative plan put forward by Realise Health for a new health centre for Wivenhoe.


Glad we’ve cleared that one up.

Instead there will be a group of experienced and qualified practitioners covering hypnotherapy, holistic health and personal development.


Not take a deep breath.

But not before you’ve blogged about:

Alresford Councillor Stands in Police Election

Ahh – so that’s the hyperlocal connection that saw Linda Belgrove address the good folk of Wiv Soc at The Nottage last Friday night. Other non- political – and some political – candidates are also standing in the election that takes place on 15th November.

“An Alresford resident who for four years was vice chairman of the Essex Police Authority, Linda Belgrove is standing as a candidate in the forthcoming election for a new Essex Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Good luck Linda, ‘n all that.

Those usual 4am election counts shouldn’t take that long to declare this time round. With the ballot box closing in the William Loveless Hall [where else? Um, other polling booths?] at 10pm, expect the half a dozen ballot papers to be counted shortly after.

Apathy may sadly rule the day, but that’s no reason to go cheerleading from the sidelines. Which is a shame, as page 8 of The Chronicle declares:

Cheerleading Classes

Tell It Like It Is, etc.

“Cheerleading classes are currently being run at the William Loveless Hall for 9 – 14 year old children. Organised by HRC All Stars, the classes are held on Monday evenings from 6pm to 6:45pm.”

Which should give any Wivenhoe Town Councillors sufficient time to go Rah Rah Rah ahead of the 7:30pm Town Council monthly meetings next door.

Act your age, etc.

Tennis, comedy and folk music make up the reminder of the Wivenhoe connections in The Chronicle. Success for Wivenhoe Tennis Club is celebrated; the Funny Farm on 29th November gets a nod, whilst Paul Riley’s appearance at the Folk Club on 6th December completes the hat trick of hyperlocal events.

Next month: who knows where the Health Centre situation will be?

Probably not down at Cook’s Shipyard.

Facts are sacred, etc.

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