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For a volunteer led organisation that is focussed mainly on film, Wivenhoe Moving Image has many assets and ideas to help bring about the idea of an independent community cinema.

One of those assets [aha!] is the Philip Road Centre in Wivenhoe. With social space [URGH] becoming increasingly tight in the town, attention has turned towards securing the future of the old school building to remain in use by the community.

An update is provided by Moira at the start of our regular @audioboo recording.

Owned by Essex County Council (the Philip Road Centre, not Moira) the old school is scheduled to cease becoming a specialist education unit “sometime in January or Easter.”

Moving Image has made tremendous strides over the past two years in keeping alive the vision for a genuine independent community cinema. The Bums on Seats Barometer continues to show a clean bill of health. Skid marks are not being mentioned.

Moving Image is starting to plan ahead and try and secure the future of the Philip Road Centre. A user group has been set up with the help of the other tenants – the Wivenhoe Youth Hub and the Colne Bank School of Dance.

The Community Right to Bid offers up an amazing opportunity to secure the site as community asset. It also offers up the challenge of finding other partners, not to mention the currency of social assets, i.e. HARD CASH.

The call has gone out for any other local groups or businesses in the area that might benefit from using the space. This could be a similar community orientated project, or perhaps a hyperlocal business that wants to rent out a commercial space at Philip Road.

A location for a new Health Centre probably won’t go down too well right now…

But in between all of this business activity, the meat ‘n’ veg of Moving Image continues. Following the half term / bonfire night sabbatical, Moving Image is back on 10th November with a screening of Monsieur Lazhar.

This translates as: Mr Lazhar

Tres bien.

Billy Connelly and Emma Thompson then come to Wivenhoe [blimey] on Sunday 11th with the family matinee screening of Brave.

The autumn season continues on 17th with Deep End, a “sexually vivacious” late 60’s exploration with Jane Asher and Diana Dors.

Don’t fancy yours much, etc.

The same probably won’t be said seven days later when Daniel Radcliffe appears in Woman in Black.

And then we hit December and the Wivenhoe Moving Image run in to the Christmas season officially starts. Jaws on 1st December should test that Big Society funded projector to its full potential.

It’s a Wonderful Life will have them weeping into the mulled wine when it is screened the following day.

Event themed films have been something of a success of late. Moira explains in the audioboo catch up how Moving Image now has a dedicated Events Manager. The Bugsy Malone brings Chicago Gangster to Downtown Wivenhoe was a huge success.

It’s a Wonderful Life is going to see the Philip Road set suitably transformed for the occasion. A large box of Kleenex [steady] should suffice.

And then with the Philip Road Centre being booked up for Christmas events (told you there was a demand…) Moving Image counts down to Christmas wit a Film Quiz at The Legion on 8th December.

A member’s screening of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner follows on 9th December. The recent survey showed an interest in a screening followed by a discussion. Local film buff Syd Bailey will be leading the conversation.

You can soon see how there’s more to Wivenhoe Moving Image than simply screening films. The January 2013 season is already be planned, but attention and energies are also looking towards the continued sustainability [URGH.]

Stick that in yer Right to Bid proposal and the job’s a good ‘un, Comrades.

Many thanks to Moira, as ever, for filling in the cavernous gaps covering the lack of film knowledge.

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