Look – and listen – Twice

BLATANT PLUG alert – but it’s a good ‘un.

You may remember back during the Regatta Weekend and the splendid Vintage Fair that took place at the Business Centre on the Sunday.

Well – it’s back.


Trading under the Look Twice banner, Charlotte and Celeste are returning to the space at the Business Centre on Sunday 25th November. A seasonal selection of vintage and retro items will be on sale. Various traders from around the town will be setting up stalls.

If that doesn’t quite grab your attention then the self-styled strapline should work:

“A cornucopia of vintage clothing, jewelry, crafts, collectables, upcycled items and household paraphernalia.”

…’cos ANYTHING that involves the phrase cornucopia has to be cool, right?

What certainly was rather cool back in July was the 40’s style three-piece whistle that I came very close to buying. The *ahem* inside leg measurement didn’t quite give the old boy enough breathing space, but it was a lovely find, all the same.

Foraging is most definitely encouraged on the 25th. The event runs from 10am – 4pm, with £1 admission. Half of the proceeds will be fed back to Wivenhoe Moving Image, a set up that isn’t adverse to the odd bit of retro theme itself.

Speaking of which, here’s the Radio Wivenhoe ad for Look Twice, recorded and produced by another chap who has hit vintage form himself of late.


Look Twice, Wivenhoe

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