Stained Glass Glory

Andy Brooke, Railway Studio, Wivenhoe

Local artist Andy Brooke has opened up a new studio down at the Wivenhoe Business Centre. The unlikely combination of photography and stained glass have come together at the appropriately named Railway Studio.

With trains regularly passing outside the lofty space, Andy’s studio retreat is offering up a place to learn this craft, as well as to hopefully collaborate on commissions.

Many folk around the town may already know Andy through his photography work and teaching. This has now stretched out to include the traditional craft of stained glass designs, with plenty of crossover from the photography side as well.

It is a dying skill that is being kept alive in the unlikely setting of a studio space adjacent to the Clacton line. Trains speed past, yet the patience required to produce this type of work balances out the pace outside.

Andy works with both the traditional leaded way producing stained glass, as well as being able to offer more contemporary techniques such as working with foil. Incorporating photographs into a piece of work is a skill that Andy specialises in, as well glass painting.

The plan is for a series of workshops to be staged at the Railway Gallery. The first of these has already taken place, with six local folk learning more about the techniques during a day session in October.

Future workshops are planned on 24th November and 1st December. Andy is also keen to take on commissions – a recent undertaking is a substantial piece of work with the Colchester Sixth Form College.

The Business Centre is becoming something of an exploration of new artistic techniques and ideas in Wivenhoe. The Wivenhoe Gallery is regularly holding exhibitions; Open Space covers holistic techniques. Hidden away behind the old boat is Radio Wivenhoe.

Plus Andy Brooke can now be added to this growing network, looking down on the Clacton line and constructing images out of stained glass.

Quite a skill.

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  1. Andy has recently completed a commission for three panels for an oak door in my house on Colne Terrace. The panels are based on photographs taken along the river and the whole effect is simply beautiful. I love how the glass changes character with the time of the day.

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