Drive In

To the Philip Road Centre! …on Saturday evening for the Moving Image screening of Drive.

“Is it a film about driving?”

…asked the ever-observant @AnnaJCowen. Oh the temptation to tell the Girl that it was a West Coast re-interpretation of Mutiny on the Busses. Which is sort of true, if Butler and the boys had a fixation with extreme violence played out to a retro synth-pop soundtrack.

I’ll get you, Butler.


Screening Drive was quite a gamble by Moving Image. Most of the season so far in 2012 has sort of been like that. There can’t be many films that can be described as characteristically un-Wivenhoe.

Set in downtown LA, the constant sirens, burger joints and extreme profanity are not something that you often see down by the muddy banks of the Colne.

Well, two out of three ‘aint bad.

Maybe that is the appeal of Moving Image, in offering a form of escapism from a sleepy North Essex estuary town? I’m struggling to find any films that portray belly dancing on the local village hall stage.

Described as “a car chase that goes a bit wrong” (…by @AnnaJCowen) Drive was a very difficult film to watch. Truth be known and I came close to retiring to The Greyhound halfway through, such was the distress and pained scenes involved (the film, and not a half shandy at The Greyhound.)

But we persisted, if for nothing else then for the too cool for school synth-pop soundtrack. I’m sure that the old school building down at the Philip Road Centre has witnessed many musical moments down the years, but a joyful blast of Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (nope, me neither) must have been a bit different from primary school recorder practice back in the day.

The medium is the message, I tried to reassure @AnnaJCowen as another head was violently stamped into oblivion, all the to the beauty of some dreamy soundscape electronica (which sorta makes it alright.) Violence as cathartic release, ‘n all that. I’ll take it out on the teddy bear back at base, the little bastard.

Woh. Yeah, violence tends to bring out the beast in the man. It also brought out the Moving Image masses, of sorts. Not a sell out, but at least a break even evening. We calculated on the short walk home that we have seen more films at Moving Image in the past eighteen months than the final five years of South London living.

“I still reckon Purple Rain should make an appearance,”

…I reasoned with @AnnaJCowen, tightening my grip on her hand as a cathartic release from not being allowed into The Greyhound for a half shandy.

“There’s no violence in that.”

Apart from the wife beating, the forced ritual of sexual initiation, songs about dieing 4 u, etc.

Best stick with On the Busses.

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