Wivenhoe’s Got Talent

HONK! A hyperlocal public service announcement: The Mayoral Variety Show is taking place at the William Loveless Hall [where else?] on the evening of the 24th February, 2012. HONK! Many of the fine song and dance talents within the town will be on show. HONK! Tickets clock in at only a fiver. Kids for a quid. Which is money well spent if you want to spend your Friday evening observing the shock and awe that is the rumoured appearance of a dance troupe comprising of Wivenhoe Town Cllr’s. I’m not sure whether to bring the red carpet or rotten tomatoes.

Dubbed by *some* as Wivenhoe’s Got Talent, this is a great event that will showcase the semi-pro talent that we have in our town, as well as the more theatrically challenged participants. The role call of the incredibly talented ADP Theatre School, the Colne Bank School of Dancing and the G & S Society could each hold their own as a headline act.

This is no end of the pier Friday night freak show, either. Any show that is Directed by Shane Diggens suggests that the approach is nothing but professional. Add in the experience of Joan Gifford and the multi-talents of Hazel Humphries, and a fiver seems more the like the change you should be receiving from a £20 note.

All funds raised from the Mayoral Variety Show will go towards the Wivenhoe Mayor’s Fund. Money from the fund is distributed in May and goes to assist groups and societies in Wivenhoe with their community work.

HONK! Wanna know which Cllr’s will be putting on the face paint and kicking their legs in sequence?

Um, yeah. So do I

Wivenhoe's Got Talent

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