The Poppy Fields of Wivenhoe

Wivenhoe poppies

They can’t quite claim to help cure phenomena that the current house guest is recovering from, but the Poppy Fields of Wivenhoe certainly had some healing benefits during a mid-morning walk out towards the Alresford on Sunday.

This was something of a The Way We See It (it’s a London thing, not to mention a hacked site…) photography reunion. It made perfect sense then to fire up the SLR’s and take part once again in some good-natured photographic rivalry.

The house guest of course came out with the more interesting images. He always does. You can take the urban city photographer out of the urban city environment, but you can’t take… etc.

@AnnaJCowen meanwhile was keen to harvest some of the poppy seeds for personal use. Nothing to do with any narcotics nonsense, but the green and pleasant land that we call a back garden / canoe landing space needs sprucing up with some colour.

Perfect timing then to meet in passing The Squire, the multi-talented pantomime / planting Overlord. Tips were swapped, seeds were sown. See what I have done there?

I don’t think that the Poppy Fields of Wivenhoe have officially been adopted by the developer’s down by Cook’s. It is one of the few remaining patches of land that has yet to be colonised by the development.

The corporate flag was flying at full mast as the estuary wind rattled its way up towards the top of the town. The house guest and I picked up some poppy speeds and let nature take its course.

Gone to seed, gone to The Station.

Chin chin.

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