Urban May Fair Magic

Urban Magic

For a town that has many dark tales to tell all about black magic, here’s something slightly more uplifting heading our way over the May Fair weekend: Urban Magic by Lee Moss is heading our way, to liven up the streets of the town with some magical performance throughout the Bank Holiday.

Alfie, the finest barber in Wivenhoe, is bringing Lee down to Wivenhoe over the May Fair weekend to try out some of his urban magic skills with the locals. Black Buoy Hill isn’t exactly the urban environment of Brixton, but it will be interesting to see the reaction that Lee is able to achieve.

Lee describes his art as:

“A unique and contemporary twist to magic, leaving even the most sceptical of people picking their jaws up from the floor.”

Which is more or less the scene that you can see at closing time at The Station on any given weekend night.

The last time I was involved in a local card school it involved half a bottle of whiskey, sexual politics and a sore head (and the rest) the following morning.

Ace, etc.

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