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15 Queen Street

To @15QueenStreet in Sunny Colch on Thursday evening for the Creative in Colchester meet up for May. I dislike deserting Wivenhoe once a month, especially so with Thursday night being something of a social high spot around these parts.

Apologies once again to poetrywivenhoe and the Funny Farm. Future dates are in my diary and if I ever feel the need to substitute my Sunny Colch socials with either Wivenhoe prose or punch lines, then I promise to make an appearance.

My social membership @15QueenStreet has become a working one of late. A bit of business upstairs first with the fine company of Bruce Burgoyne, and then it was back down to the serious business of booze.

As I’ve blogged before, I think that the perfect pace is now in place for these monthly gatherings for any folk with an interest in creativity. The wall-to-wall chundering [that we don’t really talk about…] is now subdued into a social sandwich.

The filling either side of the alcohol intoxication this month was a couple of talks from local artists. @AndyWinmill explained more about his theatrical and production business, whilst Jamie Moakes came clean with a Colchester confessional.


Mr Winmill is the man behind much of the madness that you might be experiencing at the KGV this weekend when the May Fair brings peace, love and misunderstanding to Wivenhoe. Trained as a theatrical actor, Andy has progressed to producing both theatre and live music.

He spoke with passion about a new project he is currently putting in place involving setting up a Colchester based theatrical company. Much like the vision that @WillRevWright enthused about last month, the idea is for the whole company to have Colchester connections.

Mr Moakes meanwhile left the entire room, himself included, scratching their heads and giving back a cheeky wink in recognition of the mischief that the naughty, naughty young man is currently creating.

I’ve come across Jamie before on m’blog as part of the Ram Man project. He also runs his own Talent Agency, @HESAIDTalent, successfully sourcing bookings for various live art performances and contributors.

The talent roster is extensive as it is fictional. I’ve been given the nod and wink to blog about this: HE SAID Talent has no talent, apart from Mr Moakes himself. He has been fooling producers for a number of years, which to be fair, is probably the right thing that one should do.

What followed @15QueenStreet was something of an existential conversation where Jamie tried to explain himself, with the audience asking more questions that probed the inner working of the Puck like mind of the performance artist.

He’s a North Essex Tony Clifton,” as @AnnaJCowen commented to me as I tried to understand the merry dance that Mr Moakes has been guiding us through of late. As ever the girl has good judgement, and Colchester is all the better for having the tease that is HE SAID Talent.

Apparently Bowie is on the books and is booked in for blah blah blah…

Definitely booked in to play the *ahem* main arena of @15QueenStreet, and making a spectacular sound that shook the windows was the three-piece Agitpunk-skiffle flamenco rock of Animal Noise.

The Colchester based band reminded us throughout their short set that they were playing a mellowed down acoustic performance to fit the laid back occasion. I’d hate to see these boys when they are angry then.

Finger picking flamenco, a tight bass and a backbeat that made me want to take up playing the drums – Animal Noise are playing live this weekend at the Love Stock festival being staged at the Minories gallery.

The comedown came from @cantcutcarwyn, Colchester’s finest mixer of all things soulful and sweet. A little samba was thrown into the set for the evening.

The excitement was all too much for a young Colchester groupie lady, who wandered past @15QueenStreet and was inspired to show us her sweater meat as the samba beats carried through the Colchester night. I made a mental note to start my own vinyl samba collection the very next morning.

Speaking of shameful acts, I had the front to finish off the very last bottle of booze for the evening, before boarding the 11:07 back to Wivenhoe.

I’ve got a month to recover, before the first birthday party of @15QueenStreet is staged next month. It may seem strange to celebrate the birthday of a building, but it is much more about how the physical shared working space has enabled many to connect creatively within Colchester.

The message continues to spread – it was great to see the good @zemblamatic coming along this month. More members, both resident and flexi are always encouraged.

My creative vision is to bring both poetrywivenhoe and the FunnyFarm over to @15QueenStreet for one Thursday evening only. My suspicion is that @HESAIDTalent is probably behind two of Wivenhoe’s leading artistic events. He was probably behind the angel cake dance by the samba groupie as well.

*I* said talent, etc…

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