At Home with the BBC

Wivenhoe House

Fast forward to 32:50 in for a bit of Wivenhoe as seen through the eyes of the BBC, via the iPlayer. At Home with the Georgians this week included a brief look at life within Wivenhoe House for the Rebow family in the late 18th Century.

As is expected, or perhaps is even compulsory with a BBC period piece, costumes feature prominently. An architectural overview sadly doesn’t make for sexy TV.

Still – it’s all a bit of a romp. We get to learn about the sexual prowess of Mary Martin Rebow and her “sleepless nights” at Wivenhoe House whilst husband Isaac was away on military duty. Having stayed in Wivenhoe House recently, I can’t say that the old building kindled similar feelings within.

The few long shots found within the film make the big house in the park look rather stunning. Meanwhile, indoors and most of the Georgian splendour has long since been lost. Here’s hoping that the current renovation can restore Wivenhoe House to something slightly more than an upmarket Premier Inn.

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