Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

And so having turned my back on the London fixie scene in favour of a more traditional form of bicycling for the Essex flats, I’ve only gone and bought another fixed wheel bike.


Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

But wait – it’s alright. This one is a heavily modified fixed wheel Moulton.


Much like my bonkers multi-coloured Moulton, the eBay auction of the Little Red Wivenhoe Devil was a temptation too far for me to resist. Not to sure about the BMX mag wheels (although I know a neighbour who will probably put me right…)

I don’t think that the gearing will get me up Boundary Road on the way back to Wivenhoe. A ride along the Trail at high tide will probably end up with a baptism in the Colne. Looks like my new Moulton is strictly a Co-op bike, then.

The beauty of shed ownership has afforded me more bicycle storage space. I admit that six frames stacked up back in the old London kitchen was stretching it a bit. I now have parking space for another half a dozen down in my little den at the bottom of the garden.

As I’m sure the good @thebikeshow would agree – everyone needs one red bike. Or possibly two, or even three…

I better stop there.

I took out the Little Red Wivenhoe Devil for a brief spin around Valley Road and the surrounds over the weekend.

“Look Mummy! There’s a silly man on a funny bike!

…was the only publishable comment of choice.

I’m tempted to take it out for a spin at Herne Hill Velo. I doubt if old Dave would allow me on the track with it. Technically it isn’t breaking any velo rules. But BMX Mags ‘aint exactly Herne Hill etiquette.

Like it’s owner, the Little Red Wivenhoe Devil is proudly Made in Nottingham (although both have now buggered off to Wivenhoe…) Dear old Alex would disown me. My membership of the fine Moultoneers would be no more.

The Wivenhoe Mini Moulton Fixed Wheel scene starts here.

Any takers?

Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

One thought on “Little Red Wivenhoe Devil

  1. Hi have been enjoying your videos, blog and podcasts since linking from Jo’s twitter page – loved the bike ride along the Wivenhoe trail. I have a fixed wheel bike but totally girly (it was a mid-life crisis thing), a Petro Zillia (you can see it here if you wonder what that is Will be looking forward to seeing what adventures the Little Red Wivenhoe Devil takes you on. Lovely blog!

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