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This is all rather encouraging news – Labour Independent Labour Councillor Abrams of Vassall ward is set to rejoin @LambethLabour, having served out his four month suspension on the Lambeth naughty step.

Year 6

You may remember how the highly popular local figure was the victim of a botched email sting by a high-ranking officer within the local party. Having failed to take the bait, Councillor Abrams was given a four-month suspension from @LambethLabour.

No evidence has yet to surface to justify this suspension. The only act that the Vassall representative appears to be guilty is to forward the sting email to Kate Hoey, the MP for Vauxhall.

This information is out in the public domain after a high ranking @LambethLabour party member ordered an apolitical council employee to hack into Councillor Abrams’ email account, to try and see if the sting had succeeded.

But now it would seem that with the four-month suspension for a non-existent offence having been served, Councillor Abrams has decided to take on the right wing @LambethLabour administration from within.

Councillor Abrams is a Labour man through and through. His speech at the most recent Full Council meeting could have been used as an opportunity to shame the Nu Labour sheep who followed the orders from above to boot him out.

Instead he launched a savage attack on @LambethLibDems, and in particular, his fellow Vassall ward representative, Councillor Bradley.

There is quite simply nowhere else for Councillor Abrams to align himself, other than the Labour party. He believes in fighting the ConDem cuts, rather than rolling out public sector redundancies, as proposed by the Nu Labour twonks within his local party.

Councillor Abrams is pledging to campaign for all housing maintenance in the borough to be brought back in house. With the collapse of Connaught leaving Lambeth Living looking even sillier, Councillor Abrams has been telling his ward constituents that further privatisation is not the answer to Lambeth’s shameful public housing state of affairs.

As for the ConDem and @LambethLabour savage cuts, Councillor Abrams has stated:

“Lambeth Council is set to make £85m cuts over the next four years. Free swimming has already gone. Nearly 700 jobs will be lost in Lambeth. I am working with the local unions, churches and community groups to protect front line services in Lambeth.”

Other areas that Councillor Abrams is keen to take on as the conscience of @LambethLabour include the re-opening of Brixton Road Youth Club (closed since the summer) and fighting the council selling off of the Calais Gate Estate.

Now is the perfect time for Councillor Abrams to take on the right wing of his party from within. He is not alone amongst @LambethLabour councillors in feeling anger and betrayal in the manner that his own party (a LABOUR party!) has been proposing a right wing agenda of savage attacks on the public sector.

By speaking up from within the @LambethLabour benches, he is likely to make more friends than enemies as the fight for the true heart of @LambethLabour is now ripe for attack.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Fold

  1. As a Vassall resident I find this whole saga hugely annoying – people playing politics for its own sake not to achieve anything.

    Kingsley mate just get on with your colleagues – you’ll find the world is a better place when you promote love not hate.

    Abrams has obviously been victimised by the New Labour leadership of Lambeth but he does nothing to help himself – he is arrogant and all too willing to play the victim whilst posturing and shouting for things that he knows he or the council cant deliver.

    Abrams would be far better if he actually set about trying to tackle some of the problems in Vassall – Myatts North regen, new windows for all the council estates, general condition of the Lambeth homes, Minet library, general council services etc etc etc – and to do this he needs to make friends with the leadership of the council (or at least not actively annoy and undermine them) to further Vassall’s agenda

    Yes Abrams can point to his local popularity for his justification in acting as he does but his personal vote is only a few hundred over the next Labour candidate – people are voting for Labour not Abrams. So knuckle down and work with your party colleagues to achieve outcomes for Lambeth not your own glory.

  2. Kingsley – you have been consistent and in touch with the people you represent. The yellow streekery of ‘blue’ labour is both sickening and deplorable. You are a beacon of hope. Stand with your class and keep holding your nerve brother!

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