Lambeth Election Bloopers

Now that the political posturing is complete, the ballot papers have been counted and the election winning machine that is @LambethLabour goes about the business of looking after the Little People of Lambeth, what about those local election online bloopers?


First of all there wasn’t much of an online love in between @LambethLabour‘s @CllrMarkBennett, and his old friends the @LambethLibDems. The retiring cabinet member for Community Safety took his protectionism role to new extremes, observing:


The as ever lovely @LambethLibDems offered up the response of:


Not surprisingly, these two tweets didn’t appear anywhere in the pre-election literature from both parties (although many made up claims actually were delivered through the letterboxes in Lambeth.)

Moving on…

You may remember that my “mandate” to criticise elected local politicians was questioned by a @LambethLabour candidate The world Thornton has changed in the past month, with the candidate now becoming an elected Councillor.


I wonder if I’ll still require a mandate to pass comment on the performance of our democratically elected officials?


Speaking of constitutions, there was the laughable case of the Nu Labour apologists, aka the “unbiased Association” that is the @WeirEstate, over in Clap’ham Park:


Fine words, wanting to represent the whole community, and allowing members of the association to make up their own minds with an objective analysis of all the information that is out there.

@WeirEstate was so unbiased that it decided to plonk a Nu Labour Council Tax piece of political propaganda, right in the centre of it’s rather colourful and lively front page:


Having actively campaigned for Nu Labour throughout the month, @WeirEstate then left it’s members with a final unbiased online message, just to prove the point of impartiality:



Ah, but less of the personalities, what of the issues, dear boy?


Leisure in Lambeth seemed to have been overlooked as the electorate went to vote last week. It was certainly overlooked on the all singing, all dancing, content free new website from our friends @LambethLabour:


Here’s hoping that the ominous “TBC” doesn’t turn out to be the tombstone for leisure in the Rotten Borough over the next four years.

But back to the #hyperlocal Oval patch, and back to @janeinlondon / E Hants and Jack the lad Hopkins. Oh, and the assorted hangers on who somehow forgot to come doorknockn’ around my little patch of South London:



The open invitation remains, as does the offer of a cup of tea, and a sit down to discuss the finer details of that “free swimming for everyone” pledge from the Oval Labour team, and the opportunity to “feed into the consultation process” regarding the mutualisation of local government, as pledged back in, um, February.

Here’s my favourite election tweet, coming from the retiring (but not exactly shy) @LambethLabour cabinet member for Employment and Enterprise:


I shall never see the good @jkazantzis in the same light again.

And finally…

I was unsure of this video at first, and still remain undecided. But wtf – out of date, out of context and most definitely NSFW.

Um, guys – it’s a joke… rather like the past couple of months in the Rotten Borough.

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  1. Given the fact that the Lib Dems have now carried the Tories shoulder high into government, I think my attitude to Lib Dems is valid – and consistent. The firefighter I’m a son of agrees.

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