Lambeth Local Elections – LIVE!

Local elections 2010 results:

Labour44 seats, Liberal Democrats15 seats, Conservative4 seats

Lambeth Council

Heading out with my calculator…

Inside Lambeth Lambeth Town Hall. Let the fun begin…

All rather tense. Lambeth count delayed by an hour. Sharp suits from Nu Labour. And dresses too. Cripes.

@LambethLibDem leader Cllr Lumsden keeping close eye on his ward count. Could be crucial. No one can predict which way borough will go.

The very decent @cllr_robbins is already keeping tally on his Larkhall ward. Should be safe.

Ah, @brixtonalex. Fine fella. Would make a good Labour Cllr for Brixton Hill.

@cllrstevereed smiling away. Smart, but casual is the look of the @LambethLabour leader. Aha!

Call goes out for election agents for Streatham Wells ward to head for top table. Wassup?

@brixtonalex refusing to give an on the record quote regarding his leader’s sports casual look for the afternoon. Sensible fella.

LibDem Cllr Bradley in friendly conversation with Labour rival. Vassall ward could be interesting.

Blimey! “Intelligent” Vauxhall Tory Boy Glyn Chambers is at Lambeth count. Rather impressed with his 10,000 vote though.

Had brief chat with @cllrstevereed. He tells me aim of game is “to win” rather than look at a healthy majority.

In pleasant conversation with the always decent @imogenwalker. @StockwellLabour worked their bloody arses off this month.

@LambethLibDem leader Cllr Lumsden tells me is he unsure of what is to come. He’s not happy with national picture, fearful of local repeat.

Said hello to @janeinlondon / E Hants. We may kiss and make up later. Blimey.

@imogenwalker is being supported by her dear Mum. Stockwell Cllr is v nervous, but she needn’t be. Tells me she wants to finish what started.

Looking at possible result in Lambeth by 6pm. Hurrah! Can bugger off to the pub and @hdif.

No sign yet of deals being done in dark corridors. Reckon result in Lambeth will be clear cut. But which way? Ah, that would be telling.


Can’t call this yet but Stockwell looks incredibly strong for @LambethLabour.

@cllrstevereed mildly amused by talk of Tories hopeful of LibDem coalition. For the record, he tells me: “I am Left of Lambeth Tories.”

@SE11 biting fingernails over table for Prince’s ward count. Another key area.

Going for a wander down to Streatham end of borough, figuratively speaking.

Got horribly stuck in the Streatham corridor. Major congestion at table. Polite smile from the good @cllrmarkbennett. He should be safe.

Labour’s Cllr Smith just asked me how overall count is going. I told him we’re set for a Blue borough. Blimey. Gotcha there…

A yawn from Cllr Morgan, the “third hardest working Councillor” in Lambeth.

“Intelligent” Tory Boy Glyn Chambers is number crunching. Oh Lordy.

Just seen a spoilt ballot paper with an over sized penis drawn against a candidate. Couldn’t possibly reveal which ward.

Back on the Clap’ham Town table, sort of my home patch. It would be a travesty if @mayoroflambeth didn’t hold seat.

Hearing that St Leonard’s is looking strong for @ LambethLabour. Interesting…

A lovely catch up with @LambethLabour’s Cllr Heywood. Poor lady has had a hellish year with leisure. Coldharbour looks safe for her.

Fascinating off the record chat with LibDem media team over @Chris4Streatham campaign. Same again in six months?

Thurlow Park neck and neck between Labour and Tories.

Spoken with @janeinlondon / E Hants. As expected, she’s rather nice (um, and a babe…) Decent that she is here. No LibDems on Oval table.

Moved into Herne Hill. V disappointing. Looks like @LambethLabour & @JimDicksLambeth smear campaign is paying off.

Ah, there’s nothing less dignifying than seeing a smug local politician rubbing his hands after a horrid, horrid campaign.

Greens looking lost in Herne Hill. Such a shame, given Brockwell Park junction bodge.

@cllrmarkbennett, the sharpest dressed man in Lambeth, is still unsure about his Streatham South ward. LibDems making gains? Probably not…

I’ve got this all wrong, haven’t I? @janeinlondon / E Hants & @LambethLabour Oval team are monitoring count. No sign of LibDems candidates.

All to play for in Vassall. @LambethLibDem Cllr Bradley said “absolutely no idea what is happening. Splits even…” Leader in waiting?

In defence of @LambethLibDems in Oval, great to catch up with @cllrrobbanks. He’s stepping down (young family) but still monitoring count.

Thornton “very tight” said @LambethLabour’s Cllr Lib Peck. Can’t quite see it myself.

This just in: Land is Power takes overall control of @lambeth_council. Please raise your fist in solidarity.

…had you there, boys.

@mayoroflambeth is rather nervous in his parlour. Bless. Hope he gets through in Clap’ham Town.

It’s all very low tech at Lambeth Town Hall. Bundles of paper held together with red elastic bands. Some may be yellow, or even blue…

Best quote of the evening: “@cllrmarkbennett is the Frank Dobson of Lambeth politics,” according to @brixtonalex. Think he means the beard.

Sources tell me once again that @LambethLibDems may just topple @LambethLabour in Streatham South. Blimey.

Meanwhile, Thornton looks safe for Labour.

In deep conversation with the decent @chriskeating, @LambethLibDems candidate for Thorton. Mmm… Well I never.

Righto. Hotting up here. Reckon result is coming. Yay or Neah? I’ll let you decide, Comrades…

@FreeSouthLondon is gaining some support from Lambeth Conservatives. Cripes.

@cllrrobbanks: “Oval too close to call.” Cripes. The rather lovely (get you) @janeinlondon / E Hants might just have me for company for 4 years.

Random fact: Streatham Manor Gardens has most number of candidates. Four live in block, not all together and not all in same party.

We’re talking split votes. Could be crucial in some wards. Looks like Clap’ham Common is going Tory.

@LambethLibDems conceding defeat to @LambethLabour in Thornton. Not official yet.

Top cheese Derrick Anderson has just rolled up. Almost there now…

@katebrixtonhill in deep conversation with her @LambethLibDem leader Cllr Lumsden. I think they know the game is up.

Been snubbed by a @LambethLabour cabinet member. Charming.

“Looking good” said @LambethLabour’s jackie_meldrum. Don’t think the good lady is talking about my charity shop tie.

Vassall ward incredibly tense. Can’t even find Prince’s…

Massive turn out in Brixton Hill. 6,000 plus. Greens targetted it, but looks like @cllrstevereed @queenflo @ @brixtonalex will keep it.

Charming conversation with @queenflo. She’s about to be re-elected & the poor girl is still fretting over how to improve education. Ace Cllr

Gipsy Hill and Knight’s Hill gone to @LambethLabour. Not confirmed, but it’s gonna happen.

Just seen most pointless ballot paper in Borough. One vote for Labour, one for LibDems and one for Tories. Bless.

Beardy Weardy fella walking around had an English Democrats rosette on. Oh dear.

This just in: Free swimming for every resident at Brixton Rec tomorrow. I think you know what the result is going to be now…

Trying to calm down the lovely, lovely @mayoroflambeth. The poor boy is a wreck. You’ll be fine.

@LambethLabour running @LambethLibDems close in Streatham Hill.

Town Hall emptying, mainly through the disappearance of @LambethLibDems. Or perhaps they have gone for a crafty fag?

A rare smile from the @LambethLabour Cllr Haselden. Interesting…

Fascinating, and rather defeatist, conversation with @LambethLibDems Cllr Bradley. Talking about ALMO alts (and poss leadership bid?)

@mayoroflambeth has just shown me the most jaw dropping photo on his iPhone. It features a local PPC. Couldn’t possibly comment.

Recount looking possible in Bishop’s ward. Overall result expected around 10pm now.

First result:3 @LambethLibDem Cllr’s in Bishop’s ward. @LambethLabour pushed hard. Don’t get too excited. Result not indicative of what next.

Sitting in corner on stage. Cripes. Got wink and nod from Lambeth Chief Exec. iPhone plugged into socket. “I pay my council tax,” I pleaded.

Clap’ham South agents being called to top table. I suspect a spoilt paper with a rude body part scribbled upon it.


@LambethLabour retain Clap’ham Town. So pleased for @mayoroflambeth. Tories pushed them very close. 60ish% turnout.

Brixton Hill agents being called up…

@LambethLibDems leader Cllr Lumsden looking very dejected. Or very tired. Or both.

@LambethLabour’s re-elected Cllr Haselden beaming. Good to see. A very decent local Cllr,


@LambethLibDems Cllr Bradley is necking a Red Bull. Too little too late for the good Cllr in Vassall ward?

Reckon Brixton Hill will be next to be declared. Greens targetted this. Looks like @LambethLabour will retain @cllrstevereed’s back yard.

@imogenwalker is fretting over Stockwell table. I don’t think the poor girl has slept in a month. Still looks glam.

No idea what is going off in Prince’s. @SE11 still standing, so to speak. “Third hardest working Cllr” Morgan is sitting.

All to play for at the Oval (politics, not @surreycricket.) @LambethLibDems wobbling. @janeinlondon / E Hants still here.

Result coming up… Streatham South.

Congratulations to @cllrmarkbennett @ jkazantzis and Cllr Malley – all retaining seats for @LambethLabour in Streatham South.

2882 votes for @cllrmarkbennett is pretty impressive. State of play: @LambethLabour 6 seats, @LambethLibDems 3. That gap is gonna widen..



Stockwell agents have been called to the top table.

@LambethLibDems Cllr Bradley is a fighter. Still monitoring every vote as it is counted in his Vassall ward. Still necking the Red Bull.

So we’ll hopefully find out in next few weeks exactly what is meant by a @LambethLabour John Lewis led council. I’m still none the wiser.

@mayoroflambeth is handing out sweets to *everyone* in celebration of holding his Clap’ham Town seat. Lovely fella.

@LambethLibDems Cllr Bradley tells me he is slightly more confident now in Vassall. He’s picked up 250 extra votes on splits. Huge turn out.


@LambethLabour celebrations have started. Boys are assembling for team photo.

@Daryn_mccombe Oval looked strong for @LambethLibDems but @janeinlondon / E Hants mounting spirited comeback.


@LambethLabour retain Stockwell. Congrats @imogenwalker.

All getting confusing here with counts in 2 rooms. But yeah, @LambethLabour also bagged Coldharbour. I have *shhh* just kissed a Councillor.

Oval ward on a tightrope. 700 splits, Jack Hopkins tells me. He’s hopeful they are all in his @LambethLabour favour.

Still can’t believe Brixton Hill hasn’t been called. C’mon – put the fine @brixtonalex out of his pain.

Thornton and Streatham Wells coming up…

@LambethLibDems retain Streatham Wells. Fightback begins? Probably not…

@LambethLabour retain Thornton. Congrats new Cllr Davie. Still not sure if I have a mandate to criticise an elected official.

Pleased for dear old @LambethLibDems Cllr Marchant, re-elected for Wells once again. @LambethLabour 12, @LambethLibDems 6.

Ah. @lambeth_council website flunky has just asked me for copy of results I’ve been writing down. Money well spent…

I may or *may not* have written down some ficticious results. Arf!

@SE11_lurker eek. Missed Herne Hill. Count was in Room 8. Disappointing. Nasty, nasty campaign from @LambethLabour against Greens.

Mass confusion from @lambeth_council website flunkeys. Bless. they’ve been at it all day. Cuts? John Lewis? Discount to my C Tax bill, please.

There is a Nu Labour gathering by stage at Town Hall. Reminds me of mosh pit during New Model Army days, but with soap. Tribal, squeaky clean.

Backs to the wall time. Reckon declaration for Vassall up next. @LambethLibDems *need* this, if have any future. Cllr Bradley leader elect.

All gone quiet in Oval as well. Reckon counting done. Incredibly tight.

Vassall up now. Eek…

Vassall: 2 Labour, 1 LibDem. As you were.

@LambethLabour retain Brixton Hill. Congrats @queenflo @brixtonalex and yes, @cllrstevereed.

Coming in fast. Streatham Hill up next.

Looks like Cllr Lumsden is back in. Leadership issue overted for @LambethLibDems.

@LambethLibDems retain all 3 Streatham Hill. St Leonard’s up next.

Oval still too close to call.

@LambethLibDems retain St Leonards.

Standing next to @cllr_robbins as results come in for his Larkhall ward. Fine fella is optimistic.

@LambethLabour retain Larkhall. Opposition nowhere to be seen.

And here comes Tulse Hill. Poor Chief Exec Derrick Anderson is struggling with his voice.

@LambethLabour incredibly strong in Tulse Hill. Huge turn out, yet massive majorities.

I know my place. I’m charging up @queenflo’s iPhone. Poor girl still stressed. I hope she puts herself forward for a major education role.

Down to the straddlers at Lambeth Town Hall. Not official yet, but yeah – @LambethLabour retain @lambeth_council. *build swimming pools now*


On reflection, this has been a shocker for Lambeth Tories.

Clap’ham Common coming in now…

@LambethLabour keep Prince’s. Only Oval remaining. On an absolute knife edge. Oh Lordy.

Ah, we’re waiting Ferndale as well. And here it comes…

@LambethLabour retain Ferndale. Just waiting Oval. Cripes. To her credit, @janeinlondon / E Hants is still here. LibDems buggered off.


Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. We’ve only got a recount in my Oval ward. @janeinlondon / E Hants looks safe. Incredibly close.


Oval recount about to commence. Could be an early, early hour decision. Hardened politicos left. Not many @LambethLibDems.

Just convinced unnamed @LambethLabour Cllr that he is best off in pub, rather than stay for recount. Your leader’s not here so bugger off!

Oval recount not key for borough, but is for my little patch. One party will have two Cllr’s, the other only one. Safety in numbers.

Cripes! Just seen an extra bundle of 50 @LambethLibDems votes that were counted previously. V tight, but this throws it all open.

We’re talking a margin of one vote for victory now with missing LibDem bundle. Cllr Sawdon back in running.

If we’re down to a margin of one vote separating candidates, don’t rule out second recount for Oval. Oh Lordy.


Dear old Cllr Abrams. The Vassall ward Cllr is supervising Oval recount. He’s dozed off…

A twist yet again in Oval recount. A further 50 uncounted votes have now been found. This time attributed to… @LambethLabour. As you were.

Oh Lordy. Getting silly. Another bundle of 50 missing votes found, my sources tell me. This time swinging to Labour. Looks like 2 Lab 1 LD


@cllr_robbins reckons @LambethLabour have it in the bag at Oval with missing bundles. Final result should be two Labour, one LibDem.

My night has just been made. Got a cheeky wink from the delightful Cllr Marchant. Savouring that one.

Admission from source I couldn’t possibly name that “we know voters vote alphabetically. If you’re near top, you get the vote.” Mmm… Oval.

Oval recount almost complete. Missing bundles aside, not a lot has changed.

Not official but Jack Hopkins looks to be joining @janeinlondon / E Hants as @LambethLabour Cllr for Oval. Congrats to both. Blimey.

Still here. Oval recount coming up.

*still* waiting for Oval result. Passing the time with some wonderful Lambeth political gossip.


Eleven and a half hours in and I’m finally leaving Lambeth Town Hall. Oval recount delivered 2 Labour and 1 LibDem. Congrats to all. Bed…

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