Late, Late Lambeth Labour Show

And so as Civil War looms around the rest of the country, no real surprises in Lambeth as the results for the general election were declared. Congratulations to Kate Hoey for (surprise, surprise) being returned to Westminster via Vauxhall, and well done @ChukaUmunna for winning what has been a jolly decent campaign in Streatham.

Policies aside (and I *really* tried not to ponder some of the bonkers proposals whilst at the ballot box,) and the most promising after thought to come out of Vauxhall is the half decent 57.7% voter turnout.

This favours rather well when compared the dire 46% back in 2005. It shows that the majority of voters in Vauxhall take an active interest in local democracy, even if that means returning the same MP for over two decades.

Of course the downside of democracy is that pictures of funny men waving silly flags also get be published during the campaign. The self-proclaimed “intelligent” Tory Boy, Glyn Chambers, polled an impressive 9,301 votes.

Vauxhall is an up and coming affluent area, I tell you…

Green Joseph Healy polled a respectable 708 votes. I’m surprised that Anticapitalist PPC @VoteDrinkall only managed 109 votes, in what has been a very vocal (and decent) online campaign.

As for Daniel Lambert and the Socialist whatever party? Slightly higher with 143 votes, but the traditional Left rally call of “Splitters!” is probably coming out of the hardcore of South London right now.

Over in Streatham and it was a win win situation for the electorate. Yer man Chuka and @Chris4Streatham, his LibDem rival both would have made for strong constituency MP’s.

20,037 people voted for Chuka, with Chris coming in a close second with 16,778 votes. A turnout of 62.8% of the electorate is very impressive for what has been a constituency that has had to suffer a complacent MP for the past eighteen years. Pity the poor tenants of Lambeth Living.

The future is looking good for the fine folk of SW16 – build the Hub and hold Tesco to account.

The 6am declaration of the Lambeth vote shows just how high the voter turnout has been. Here’s hoping that participation in the local council elections is just as positive.

Don’t expect talk to turn towards a @LambethLabour / @LambethLibDems coalition.

Oh Lordy…

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