Herne Hill Howler

If at first you don’t succeed, smear, smear and smear again. The latest last chance saloon leaflet from @LambethLabour in Herne Hill is shameful. It exposes the local party for all that is wrong within politics in the Rotten Borough. The literature resorts to sickening lies, and attempts to scare the good people of SE24 into voting for the Election Machine that was once a proud political party.

Realising that the Greens down in Herne Hill have a very real chance of building upon their current Councillor in the ward, @JimDicksLambeth is continuing with his policy of lying to hold onto political power in the borough.

Here’s the full Herne Hill horror show from @LambethLabour:

“Lambeth Green party policies include:

Pressing for the legalisation of drugs including skunk cannabis and class A drugs in Herne Hill – a measure which would risk turning our area into South London’s main drugs supermarket.”

What a disgusting statement to make. The legalisation of drugs, soft or hard, is nowhere to be seen in the Lambeth Green manifesto. What can be found however, anywhere along Coldharbour Lane, on any morning, afternoon or evening of the week, are drugs being sold overtly to anyone who is interested.

South London’s main drugs supermarket [sic] is actually trading within the ward that is currently represented by three @LambethLabour Councillors.

There’s more of the vile campaigning to come:

“[Lambeth Greens] blocked the 20 mph Zone for Herne Hill proposed by Labour for this year.”

Cos yeah, Lambeth Greens are the local political arm of the car lobby…

It’s truly pathetic. The Greens in Herne Hill are campaigning on the exact opposite policy. As local candidate John Hare explained to me during our last conversation about @LambethLabour election literature lies, the Greens are actually pushing for the 20’s Plenty policy to be rolled out across the entire borough.

This is a scheme that limits the speed on local authority owned roads to 20 mph. It has been implemented successfully up in Islington, and John gained great support for the proposal at the Lambeth Cyclists transport hustings last month.

And so why is @LambethLabour coming out with this eve of polling day political prevarication against the Greens? If the previous smear was anything to by, our red flag flying friends have actually forgotten about the 36% share of the vote that the greens polled back in 2006.

Realising that a Stalinist (ooh!) re-writing of history from a right wing Nu Labour cabinet member wasn’t getting the message across to the electorate, @LambethLabour and @JimDicksLambeth have had to resort to a dirty, filthy political trick.

It is worth reminding ourselves ahead of the trip to the polling station tomorrow that @LambethLabour party policies include:

Free swimming for every resident,” and a promised public consultation on the implementation of the John Lewis mutual form of local government. Both of these are in the @LambethLabour manifesto. Both are folly.

And that’s no lie.

Absolute shite

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