Rockin’ Good May 6th

There’s something of a Shaky ‘n Bonnie business about the latest @LambethLabour letter from our friends in the Oval ward. Overlooking the fact that @LambethLabour addresses literature to the male head of the household (get you!) – the image of our three Nu Labour candidates doesn’t look quite right.

Shaky, Bonnie and the other one

The light is radiating from the face of @janeinlondon / East Hampshire, whereas poor old local boys Karim Palant and Jack Hopkins are left looking rather pale in comparison.


A glance to what our twinned constituency friends over in, um, East Hampshire are up to, and yep – it’s the very same picture that @janeinlondon / East Hampshire has used for both of her political patches.


Here’s hoping that unlike Shaky ‘n Bonnie, Karim and Jack have actually met up with @janeinlondon / East Hampshire, before deciding upon the content of the election literature.

Ah, yes, the letter itself. Never mind the photoshopping, talk to me about the policy, my friends:

“The LibDems finished a distant THIRD in the last local elections in 2008, behind Labour and the Conservatives.”

Hang on – “the last local elections” – um, weren’t they back in 2006? And didn’t the Oval ward return three LibDem local councillors?


So yep, with the final stretch almost in sight (and thank f*** for that,) the local campaign around my little patch in South London has taken on the @LambethLabour porky pie approach of Nu Labour in Herne Hill.

No quite so hyper #hyperlocal, but the fine chap @darryl1974 is having a similar problem over in his Greenwich Peninsula ward. The good man is standing as a Green candidate, and is fighting a campaign that could just upset the complacent current Labour councillors.

So much so, that his local Labour party is also resorting to the re-writing of political history, with the exact same strategy that has happened to Lambeth Greens back in Herne Hill.

Telling lies in election literature isn’t an offence, as Lambeth Green candidate John Hare confirmed to me last week. That certainly explains @janeinlondon / East Hampshire‘s “2008 local election” slip up.

The Shaky ‘n Bonnie balls up of the picture is stretching reality somewhat though.

Meanwhile, over at @LambethLabour’s rather decent Stand Up For Stockwell blog, Labour candidate Alex Bingham writes:

“People locally are telling us that they want community champions who live in their local area, know what is happening locally and can be trusted…”

Fine words. All three local Stockwell candidates live locally. @imogenwalker has represented her ward extremely well over the past four years. Alex Bigham is hoping to replace @LambethLabour’s Councillor Akhtar (Mr 40% attendance, 100% allowance). Alex has been active in the local area, and certainly knows his patch. I can’t comment on Counicllor Bowyer as I haven’t seen him around in the fourteen years that I have lived around this little patch.

But anyway…

“On Thursday 6th May Stockwell residents will have the chance to have their say – local candidates from Labour who they can trust with their services, or Lib Dems from outside the area who would put everything at risk.”

Good for the people of Sunny Stockwell. But what over my Oval ward, I hear you ask?

Community champions who live in their local area, know what is happening locally and can be trusted?

Local candidates from Labour who they can trust?

Um… ‘fraid not with the @LambethLabour candidate who lives on the other side of the borough in Herne Hill, in-between trying to convince the good people of East Hampshire that she should be their next MP.




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