Top Slicing

Hit me over the head with a giant wrecking ball and shout out “CRIPES!” at the top of your voice on the corner of the Clap’ham Road and Crewdson Road in SW8 – it has finally happened: the dodgy landlord who took a laissez faire approach to planning applications has had a share of his profits top-sliced.

Build 'em up...

You may remember Mukesh Andani, the cowboy builder of Sunny Stockwell who decided to overlook the award winning planning department at @lambeth_council. Someone certainly remembers – ‘mukesh andani‘ has been one of the top search on m’blog for the past nine months.

Having put up an illegal top floor on the property, rented it out, been fined £10,000, threatened with a six month jail sentence and then *still* flaunted the law (and peeving people off in my little patch of South London,) it would seem that Andani has now accepted that yep, the award winning planning department at @lambeth_council has finally caught up with him.

He fought the law and the law kicked its feet, shuffled around for almost a year, and then finally decided that the local environment is more important that profit.


Activity is taking place on the top floor of the Clap’ham Road / Crewdson Road corner. Early fears from the good @garethwyn that a a fifth floor is about to be added (arf!) have now been forgotten. The fourth floor is falling, much to the relief of the locals who have suffered the eyesore for almost two years now.

It is the very same team of builders that are dismantling the top floor, brick by brick, and then trailing all the way down the rest of the building to create a big pile of rubble at the base of the property.

The poor chaps must be scratching their heads and pondering what the chuffers the past two years have all been about. Two for one pay packets perhaps, with an unexpected (and pointless) job. I wonder if the profits that Andani bagged for the brief period of letting out the top floor cover the cost of the builders, not to mention the pointless scaffolding bill? Or even the £10,000 fine?

It is of course purely coincidental that real results are finally being seen around the borough, what with the local election less than one week away. The @LambethLibDems took a hard line approach to Andani (seriously) and so did @janeinlondon / East Hampshire, when she finally realised where the exact location was in her locality…

So yeah – we got there eventually. Whatever next? A new swimming pool in Clap’ham by May 6th?

Don’t forget the planning permission…

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