Hoe Hoe

This dropped through the letterbox, late Thursday afternoon:

Kate Hoey

Soon followed by this:

Animal Protection Party


It must be fun out there on the campaign trail, walking the mean streets of Sunny Stockwell with your nemesis right behind you.

I wouldn’t say it was a reverse ferret (or even fox) on my behalf, but having listened to the political views regarding local issues in Vauxhall, I’d rather have Hoey as my MP than a second rate comedian.

Hoey isn’t perfect (see voting record on homosexuality and lesbian rights) but then which MP’s are? Hoey was incredibly dignified at the Vauxhall hustings on Tuesday evening, with childish provocation from the Animal Protection party candidate.

The leaflet from the Animal Protection party’s PPC, James Kapetanos, makes some interesting points. It’s a shame that James wasn’t able to back them up, face to face, with the candidate he has been so critical of.

Hoey needs to be held to account on some of her more unsavoury non-South London interests. Sadly I think the Animal Protection party has overlooked the wider picture, not to mention the opportunity.

*Friday 30th, 18:30 update*

More analysis over here on the ‘campaign’ being run by the APP.

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