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Herne Hill voting figures, 2006

And so here’s an update on how the local political landscape at Herne Hill *really* looks, once you have taken into account the admission by our friends at @Lambeth Labour of making up the data.

Many thanks to @adrianshort of the excellent @mashthestate for kindly making available to the SE24 electorate a more representative graph using the correct data.

You may remember how @JimDicksLambeth and his Herne Hill @LambethLabour lot were spreading the fear of vote Green, get the Tory bogeyman. The @LambethLabour leaflets showed a similar graph to the one above, except showing Labour to have 45% share of the vote, the Tories a laughable 40% and @LambethLibDems on 15%.

History had been re-written by @LambethLabour, with the 36.7% picked up by the party at the previous local elections [pdf] somehow not appearing anywhere on the SE24 radar.

Meanwhile, it saddens me to see the fine @ChukaUmunna (or at least someone very close to the Streatham Labour PPC) seemingly getting up to a similar trick down in SW16.

I rather like left of centre Chuka, but I don’t like the way his campaign team is putting across a slur of vote LibDem, get the Tory bogeyman.

The rather fine @iwrotethis in Streatham has uploaded Chuka’s latest election leaflet. I was shocked to see LibDem @Chris4Streatham stuck on a poor third place showing, with only 13% of the vote.

The Labour party in Streatham has mysteriously attributed the data to:

“Latest constituency voting figures.”

Latest form where exactly? The 29% share of the Tory vote, and the 13% LibDem showing certainly doesn’t match up with the previous general election, where ultra Blairite Keith Hill polled 46.7%, with the LibDems second on 28.3%.

Ah, I see…

The Labour party in Streatham (and I truly hope Chuka isn’t the main man behind this) has rather cheekily used data from the first choice preferences in the 2008 elections for the London Assembly, across *all* of Lambeth and Southwark. The LibDems did trail in third, but remember the only realistic choice two years ago was Ken Vs Boris. The LibDems didn’t get a look in.

Naughty, naughty, Chuka – using the election results for a different contest, held in a different patch and taking place two years ago, is hardly the “latest constituency voting figures.”

Still, at least it isn’t as bad as the downright lies being spun out by @LambethLabour back in Herne Hill and the admission by @JimDicksLambeth that the Herne Hill graph is:

“…an illustration of our view of the respective strengths of the three main national parties in this area.”

Which is Nu Labour speak for telling a pack of lies.

And so many thanks to @adrianshort for providing the proper Herne Hill graph, and also for giving me the heads up on @JimDicksLambeth. It seems that the current @LambethLabour Councillor has past form of political dirty tricks.

Smear the Greens, smear the LibDems, get… the Labour bogeyman?

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