Last Person to Leave Brixton Rec…

Would the last person to leave Brixton Rec please turn off the lights.

Oh, as you. Never mind the re-re-re-opening of the Rec – the temporary shoebox changing rooms didn’t have any electricity this morning.

Taking a shower with random strangers in the dark is more of a late night Saturday activity, rather than an 8am kick-start to your weekend. Still, at least the lack of light disguised the puddles of water forming in the ‘dry’ changing area.

It’s gone beyond ridicule now. As a fellow swimmer remarked to me as we fumbled around in the dark: “Swimming in Lambeth is now like a third world experience.”

I half expected to walk down the SW9 Stairs of Shame, hand over my swimming ticket and then be told that there is no water in the only remaining pool that is open in Lambeth.

Brixton Rec

Thankfully my misery was short-lived. Not by choice, but by the bonkers blowing of the whistle at 9am on Saturday morning to signal “Everybody Out!” Calling a pool ‘public,’ when it isn’t open beyond the absurd time of 9am at the weekend, is something of a misnomer.

Or even an election swindle.

We may not have electricity at Brixton Rec, but don’t fret – I have seen the light. Well – the illuminating art installation that will eventually light up the approach to the old red brick building. The work is “being delayed” (you don’t say…) but at least some form of light will eventually be returned to Brixton Rec.

You have to feel pity for poor old GLL – held up as a paragon of virtue for the doomed John Lewis style of local government, but then when the public service fails, all the political blame is shifted towards the stakeholder.

Heaven help us if education, health and housing head the way of mutualisation.

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