Viva Vauxhall!

Another week, another PPC to interview. And so the morning evening after the bluster of the Leader’s Debate, I welcomed the chance to take the political agenda back to where it should be – right down to the grass roots level of real local politics.

Jeremy Drinkall

Jeremy Drinkall, the Anticapitalist PPC for the Vauxhall constituency, very kindly agreed to my request to meet up for some political chat over a pint. I believe that it is crucial for all candidates to have a platform to put across their political solutions, ahead of May 6th.

On paper, the choice for the good people of Vauxhall seems fairly representative. Candidates are standing for Nu Labour [website fail], the LibDems, the Tories, the Greens and @VoteDrinkall’s Anticapitalist platform.

The reality of course is that Tally Hoey will be returned to Westminster yet again, the ‘victor’ in a political system that allows only half the voters in a risible 46% turnout to decide who represents us.

The anticapitalist or the anti-cyclist candidate? Mmm – let me think about that one…

The Anticapitalist party is basically a new political platform emerging from the Worker’s Power party. As @VoteDrinkall was honest enough to admit in the @audioboo below – a seat at Westminster come May 7th is some way off the radar.

The Anticapitalist party aims to assess the level of support for the ideas and solutions being put forward, and then move ahead with an agenda for Vauxhall.

In the absence of any political literature from Nu Labour, the Tories or the LibDems, (although I have seen Caroline Pidgeon walking around SW8) meeting up face to face with a candidate who actually wants my vote, was something of a refreshing change.

It was difficult to try and summarise the entire Anticapitalist platform with @VoteDrinkall in one @audioboo session. How do you put over the idea of a worker’s revolution in a one off podcast?

I did note that @VoteDrinkall was keen to keep it local. He didn’t do the banner waving global revolutionary thing during our chat; the agenda was kept at a very #hyperlocal level, with Vauxhall and the problems that we are facing being addressed.

This is not surprising when you consider @VoteDrinkall’s Vauxhall background. Jeremy currently works as a teaching assistant at Lilian Baylis. He was active in the campaign to defend council stock on the Ashmole estate at The Oval and he has been involved in defending the NHS from privatisation in nearby Myatts Fields.

Jeremy very kindly left me with a small pile of anticapitalist leaflets after we finished the interview. All information is good. You need to know what candidates are offering before you make your choice at the ballot box.

I wouldn’t call it *shhh* #labourdoorstep-ing, but I certainly liberated a number of leaflets around Fentiman Road on Saturday morning. Y’never know, Comrades…

Plus as you can see from the picture below, I have in my possession the little red book that is the Anticapitalist Manifesto for Vauxhall. If Nu Labour, the LibDems or even *shhh* the Tories want my vote around here, providing me with a copy of their manifesto seems like a basic act of political decency.

Jeremy Drinkall

I can’t see Vauxhall being a hotbed of revolutionary activity over the coming weeks, but to be fair to the Anticapitalist party, this isn’t the aim at the General Election.

I heard little evidence during the Leader’s Debate to suggest that the solutions being offering by the Big Three are anything but a clone of each other’s manifesto. At least @VoteDrinkall is offering the voters in Vauxhall a genuine political alternative at the ballot box.

You can follow @VoteDrinkall on twitter, as well as keeping up to date with the Anticapitalist campaign via the blog. Jeremy is also appearing on the wonderful Resonance radio on Monday, time to be confirmed…

Viva, um, Vauxhall.


3 thoughts on “Viva Vauxhall!

  1. You seem to have missed that the Socialist Party is also (as in 2005 and 1997) standing a candidate in Vauxhall (Danny Lambert). See their election blog at

    They are also contesting the local elections in Ferndale and Larkhall wards.

  2. Hi there

    I heard your interesting interview with Jeremy Drinkall, and was wondering in the spit of democracy if you would like to interview me.

    My name Is Dan Lambert and I have been delegated to stand as The Socialist Party candidate for Vauxhall.

    You can contact us


  3. Damn,

    Going by the name of the blog, I thought it was going to be a footie blog. 😉

    But seriously, in the interest of balance, you should interview the SPGB candidate, Danny Lambert. He’s the only candidate putting forward an alternative to capitalism in the Vauxhall constituency.

    Lovely bloke, and an even lovelier political platform. If I wasn’t 4000 miles away, I’d be voting for him and it come May the 6th.

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