Events Dear Boy, Events…

And so here is the real reason why our friends from @LambethLabour failed to roll out the promised public consultation last month on the proposed John Lewis style of local government:

@Jason_Cobb consultation postponed until after election because of purdah rules, but will publish the proposals before election anyway.

As ever – many thanks to @lambeth_council leader @cllrstevereed for being so open and honest on twitter. But blaming the purdah pre-election period as the reason for the non-consultation with citizens, seems slightly strange.

Purdah is effectively:

The time period… for government departments to develop guidance and policy due to any impact resulting from the election.

Which all begs the question – why the hell did @LambethLabour wait until February to introduce The Guardian front page headline grabbing policy, when it knew that May 6th was already set in stone as the date for the local elections?

@cllrstevereed adds:

@Jason_Cobb we’ve been trialling it for four years, it’s not unreasonable to learn from that and present new ideas for an election.

If the mutualisation of education, health and housing has been trailed for four years, then once again, why not plan the consultation within a time frame that will allow voters to make up their own minds at the ballot box?

Effectively the electorate in Lambeth is being asked to vote upon a radical new form of local government, but one that has been denied any consultation or input from local people, because it was announced too close to the election period.

I am finding it very difficult to vote for a change in the way my local authority spends my Council Tax money, having not being given the opportunity to add my thoughts to a promised consultation.

Still – at least the John Lewis model did the PR friendly job of a Guardian front page.

One thought on “Events Dear Boy, Events…

  1. It would be really stupid of a Council leader to promise in February a consultation starting in March if he knew it would be scuppered by the election purdah period, wouldn’t it?

    I don’t think we yet have the “real answer” why this “consultation” isn’t happening. Perhaps because the whole thing’s a gimmick aimed at the Guardian rather than at improving life for people in Lambeth…

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