Free Style Swimming

Hurrah! Finally some local election literature from @LambethLabour and @janeinlondon / East Hampshire. Hand delivered, and specifically addressed to me as well.


@AnnaJCowen has expressed some disgust that the PPC for East Hampshire hasn’t taken the care and concern to hand deliver an election manifesto to her personally.

Contained within, is the pledge from Jane Edbrooke to: “support local business.”

I’m unsure if our local council candidate is talking about local business in South London, or down in her East Hampshire prospective parliamentary constituency.

But anyway – the @LambethLabour manifesto is all well and good. The printed copy hasn’t changed from the PDF’s I was sent last month. It still contains the libellous kerb crawling allegations made against @LambethLibDems on p5.

It also still contains the exact same pledge of:

“Free swimming for every resident.”

This *really* is worth repeating – @LambethLabour is promising:

Free swimming for every resident, should the party retain control of Lambeth Council.


Having already snaffled the copy of my personal @LambethLabour manifesto, the eyes of @AnnaJCowen lit up as she read the free swimming pledge. It was with a heavy heart that I led the girl to the comments on m’blog from Labour leader @cllrstevereed, helpfully explaining that “free swimming for every resident” is actually pre-election talk of a taster session.

The girl isn’t happy. Having uploaded the letter from @janeinlondon / East Hampshire to @democlub, @AnnaJCowen has requested that the Labour letter now remains firmly by the front door.

Not exactly the most political of animals, but *should* @janeinlondon / East Hampshire come door knocking around here, I think @AnnaJCowen would like that “free swimming for every resident” pledge explained personally.

Despite the helpful intervention of the @cllrstevereed, it still remains something of a complete lie in the @LambethLabour manifesto. Should the party be returned to power next month, then come May 7th, *every* resident in Lambeth is within their right to turn up at Brixton Rec and demand “free swimming” for the following fours years.

Assuming the pool is still open, that is.

Only in La La Lambeth Land.

But yeah, @janeinlondon / East Hampshire, cheers for the personal letter.

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