Crap Match Report – LIVE!

Close of play, day three: Derbyshire 451 & 161-3, Surrey 352
Derbyshire 5pts, Surrey 3pts

Surrey Cricket

Oval bound.

Had my doubts over @surreycricket yesterday. Not so this morning. Mr Ramps is on a mission. Raced to 69, 209-5 the ‘rrey, chasing down 451.

Another four from Mr Ramps. He’s shaping up for what could be another career defining innings. @surreycricket barman has come out to watch.

Female cricket company arrived. Made sunshine friendly switch from pavilion to OCS. In good company. Lycra clad bicyclist nearby. 214-5.

SE11 clouds burning out. Perfect batting conditions. 74 for Mr Ramps. Could be in for something special at The Oval today.

Doing a double Nelson dance as @surreycricket reach 222-5. Annoying helicopter buzzing overhead. Mr Ramps not fussed. Decent partnership.

Day 3 at The Oval. Still sober. Cripes. Can’t see it lasting all summer. 250 up for @surreycricket. Mr Ramps on 99.


Savour these Golden Days down at The Oval. Glorious, glorious watching Mr Ramps command the crease. New ball taken. 264-5 @surreycricket.

Having said that… Mr Ramps falls for a magnifficent 102, caught behind. Whoops. 264-6 is still respectable response for @surreycricket.

Here comes Me Meaker. Rentaghost theme stuck in my head. Here’s hoping he doesn’t pop off to soon. Aha! 264-6 the ‘rrey.

Just given the wink to @cabbiescapital fave D****s player, Stefan Jones. The big boy is on boundary duty at The Oval. 278-6 @surreycricket.

Cracking commentary tales from the superb @surreycricket. Hearing how Piers Morgan left behind old wedding photos & MJ memorabillia in loft.

Plus the first mention of “the ice cream man with the loudest tinkler in South London.” Glorious. 50 up for Batty. 288-6 @surreycricket.

Mr Meaker caught cheaply on 18. Signals luncheon at The Oval. 290-7 @surreycricket. How valuable was that century from Mr Ramps?

Been reminded of weird Oval start to the day. Fella turns up at gate, and expresses surprise that game of cricket in play. Expecting what?

Lovely to see picnicing familes enjoying the outfield at The Oval during luncheon.

Day 3 at The Oval. Still booze free. Blimey.

Players back out after luncheon at The Oval. Big man Gunter survived very weak appeal from D****s. Sun still basking in the OCS. 295-7 ‘rrey

@surreycricket slowed down the run rate following luncheon. Not surprising. Fine knock of 65 from Batty comes to a close. 326-8. Draw likely

Andre Nel proving to be a real bugger for D****s to dismiss. The big fella is holding his own on 29. Tripple Nelson up for @surreycricket.

Short sleeves temporarily covered up in SE11. Early season tan topped up enough anyway. @surreycricket chasing batting point. 339-8.

Leaving The Oval and heading back to SW8 base for cricketing work commitments. Cripes.

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