Yep, it’s the diary date that everyone has been waiting for: December 25th February 14th um, April 9th – the day when your wonderful local authority has to legally publish the list of candidates that will be campaigning for your vote on May 6th.


If you can’t contain your excitement, think how the good people of Streatham Hill must be feeling. The SW16 patch is shaping up to play a major part in deciding which political party will be in control of @lambeth_council on May 7th.

June Fewtrell, a former LibDem Mayor of Lambeth, has announced her candidacy as an independent. The parting shot to her old party is to put herself directly up against Councillor Lumsden, the leader of @LambethLibDems.


With the LibDem vote seemingly split in Streatham Hill, the only winner will be @LambethLabour. Oh, and LibDem leader elect, Councillor Bradley, should the defection leave @LambethLibDems leaderless.

Labour defector Betty Evans-Jacas has also switched wards. No doubt aware that her mid term bed hopping from @LambethLabour to the Tories didn’t go down to well with the voters of Brixton Hill, Evans-Jacas is now standing for the blue rinse mob over in Knights Hill.

Elsewhere and @SE11 (aka Mark Harrison, @LambethLabour’s current Councillor in the Prince’s ward) has also been keen to spot some patterns emerging in the finalised list of candidates:

“Interesting that all three Lib Dem candidates for Prince’s ward are unknown in SE11 and from the south of the borough”

That’s a bit rich, seeing as though @SE11 replaced his @LambethLabour colleague, Councillor Sam Townsend, after he buggered off to Bristol with cosy £10,000 allowance.

Speaking of candidates that seemed to be slightly unsure of the South London geographical landscape, it seems that the Greens have been learning from @LambethLabour.

You may recall how Jane Edbrooke, my ‘local’ Labour candidate for the Oval ward, lives in Herne Hill, and is also standing as the PPC for the Labour party over in East Hampshire. Green candidate Joseph Healy has found a new variation on this.

The Green Left guy is not only having ambitions on Westminster as the Vauxhall candidate, but as a possible safety net, he has also put himself forward as the Green candidate in the local elections for the Prince’s ward. Likewise for his Green colleague, Rebecca Findlay, who fancies her chances as the next MP for Streatham, or failing that, the local Councillor for St Leonards.

The Lambeth Left are also in on this local and national double your chances form of electioneering. Daniel Lambert is standing for the Socialist Party PPC in Vauxhall, as well as fancying himself as a local council candidate in the Ferndale ward.

All of the candidates that I am being asked to vote for in the Oval either live in the ward, or in a postcode patch next door. Apart from our @LambethLabour friend in East Hampshire.

It’s enough to make a young (ish) man vote for the English Democrats. Well, not quite, but I note that the Oval ward has somehow raised the interest of the party that was “built by people that love England.” They clearly don’t love the rest of Lambeth though, as it is only my little patch of South London where the St George flag flying ‘patriots’ are standing.

Across the ward boundary in Stockwell and the old LibDem warhorse Anthony Bottrall is back for the fight. The former Lambeth cabinet member will be looking to take a seat from Labour, in a patch of South London where he still remains incredibly popular and has a high profile.

And so the choice across Lambeth on May 6th is more or less a three way split between the three main parties. The Greens would do well to improve on their current one seat and actually form a group. Watch out for Shane Collins, standing in Thurlow Park.

The same ward also throws up the only UKIP candidate in the whole of the borough. Robin Lambert is standing in the traditional Lambeth Tory territory, taking on the Whelan’s in their own patch.

With all the candidates now confirmed, the sums still stack up as many first thought. The choice is between the right of centre @LambethLabour, or @LambethLibDems (with a little help from the Tories their friends) to form the next administration.

Thankfully no BNP representation in the borough, although the standing of three English Democrat candidates in my ward worries me.

Game on.

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  1. Along with Princes, all 3 of the Lib Dem candidates in Stockwell don’t live in the ward – a shame really that Lib Dems can’t seem to find local politics, kind of goes against their much vaunted grassroots image.

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