SW8 Sandinista!

I spent a splendid SW8 afternoon in the mighty fine company of the good Wolfgang Moneypenny, spokesperson for the @FreeSouthLondon movement. Wolfgang was keen to come to Sunny Stockwell for a state of the (half) nation inspection of the local territory.

Free South London

I was only too happy to be the tour guide for the state visit, impressing upon Wolfgang how the fine people in my little patch of South London are completely behind his half city revolutionary ideals.

*actually we didn’t make much contact with the locals on the ground. A couple of geezer builders almost turned us over on the edges of Larkhall Park, and a smiling postman crossed to the other side of the road upon first seeing Wolfgang. But y’know – the sentiment of a united South London love was somewhere in the SW8 air*

The itinerary included the leading landmarks that are on offer around Stockwell. We started off at Stockwell tube station, looking ahead to an afternoon of plotting and scheming.

We almost came a cropper at Jack’s Supermarket. Wolfgang was of the opinion that a South London army marches on cheap booze. Jack’s Supermarket would seem to fit the gap in the market. I don’t think Jack himself was behind the counter, but on reflection, maybe it would have been better to ask first if we could film inside the cheapo booze emporium.

Free South London

Wolfgang was mightily impressed with the cultural murals reflecting Stockwell’s proud history on show in the Memorial Garden. Our Great Leader wasn’t so impressed with my lack of local historical knowledge.

Free South London

Stockwell Bus Garage may have seen better days, but Wolfgang Moneypenny still managed to bring some faded glory to the SW8 cathedral of travel. I think my guest was being polite when he didn’t take the bait of ‘being flushed down the pan,’ when we encountered an old toilet system dumped on the site.

Free South London

Larkhall Park was a lot of laughs, especially so when Wolfgang took on the persona of a Pied Piper for South London. Hordes of local kids followed the Great Man, chanting out “Pirate! Pirate! Pirate!” as we tried to find a peaceful place to reflect upon the micro subversion of South London.

Free South London

We ended up with some refreshments at The Priory Arms, and sat down to put together a South London fighting manifesto. I rather liked Wolfgang’s description of Elephant & Castle as a: “medieval village market in old Albion.”


Cool for Cats by Squeeze was playing on the pub jukebox, a fitting end to an afternoon of celebrating all that is good about South London.

Wolfgang is keen to continue his tour of the local territory. He is especially interested in hooking up with any other #hyperlocal South London bloggers, for an afternoon of exploration. You can contact the Great Leader via his blog.

Come the glorious day…

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