Mapping the Vauxhall Greens

It’s not all about the local elections, y’know (actually it is for me…)

There’s the small matter of the General Election that you may have heard something about today. But for General Election, read local issues. We are after all being asked to vote for an MP that will serve the needs of local constituents.

With Vauxhall more or less a shoe in for Tally Hoey, I have been looking around to hear what the other candidates standing in my ward (Vauxhall, *not* East Hampshire) have to say about the local agenda.

Caroline Pigeon of the LibDems is leading heavy on transport; Jeremy Drinkhall is offering an anti-capitalist alternative to the slick, Nu Labour operation in Lambeth. The Tories are nowhere to be seen.

But what of the Greens? If any national political party can cross both the international and local divide, then surely it must be the Greens?

Joseph Healy is campaigning to be become the Green MP for Vauxhall – and boy, he truly is campaigning on anything and everything that doesn’t include my little patch of South London.

I was rather disappointed to discover that political schisms exist within Green politics. The Green Left is apparently the placard-waving wing of the Greens. Joseph is rather fond of waving his placard around at any issue he disagrees with.

I like my politicians to be passionate; but I also like them to be passionate about local issues. If we all took care of our own little patch, then just possibly, some form of global harmony may be achieved.

A single blog post wouldn’t do justice to the platitude of placards that Joseph has been rallying for over the past few weeks. A Google map representing the locations where the Green candidate has been campaigning around the world gives a more accurate analysis.

Vauxhall doesn’t feature.

Being an Internationalist is all fine and well. But I was rather hoping to vote for a candidate on May 6th who would look a little closer to home before rushing off to save the world. All that globetrotting can’t be good for the carbon footprint count.

Here be the geo-tagged candidate that wants to represent the good people of Vauxhall:

6 thoughts on “Mapping the Vauxhall Greens

  1. Green parties around the world have been notoriously factional for years – in the (much more successful) German Green Party, for years the split was between the ‘realos’ (in favour of cooperating with other parties to advance their agenda) versus the ‘fundis’ (i.e. those who see cooperation as a sell-out).

    Great post though – and very disappointing sadly. Much as I love Caroline Lucas (she’s one of my favourite UK politicians, and I do hope she gets elected down in Brighton) it’s pretty clear there’s not a huge depth of talent out there.

    Before I cast my vote in the local elections though – any idea how Lambeth’s one green councillor has been performing over the past four years?

  2. Hi Geoff

    Councillor Thackray has more or less remained true to her pledges from four years ago. Her problem though has been one of isolation. She sits with the Nu Labour lot in the council chamber, and usually votes alongside them. Being a totally independent Green would give her no desk space at the Town Hall. She has in effect, had to join the Nu Labour group.

    Herne Hill and Brixton Hill are the current targets for Lambeth Greens next month. You would hope that Herne Hill would be a sympathetic patch for the Greens. Nu Labour has screwed over the locals big time with the concrete mess that is the Herne Hill junction.

    Herne Hill

    Brixton Hill is slightly ambitious, parking your Green tanks on Steve Reed’s front lawn, etc. But you never know.

    Back with the national agenda and over in Streatham, Rebecca Findlay has been a lot more vocal addressing local issues than her Vauxhall counterpart. I was very impressed with contribution to the Hub debate.

    Running out of credible candidates here in The Oval. They are either banner waving Green Left internationalists, or more concerned with events over in East Hampshire.

  3. Aren’t you being a bit unfair on Joe Healey here? I’m a Green Party member so I’m partial of course but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing the UK billions of pounds a year (the exact figures are debateable) – that’s pretty relevant to a constituency which straddles a huge social wealth divide and that is going to see massive service cuts as a result of the bankers crisis. And that’s ignoring the extra threat of terrorism that we face as a result of these wars, not to mention the huge assault on our civil liberties that has been steam-rollered through on the back of them.

    He’s also been an active campaigner on LBGT rights and that’s a pretty large section of the Vauxhall community that you seem to have rather overlooked yourself on your local blog…

  4. PS – I have enjoyed your exposes of the councillors standing in parliamentary seats miles away though – good detective work!

    PPS I can’t resist adding another defence of Joe Healey though; it’s hardly the same thing to stand in your own constituency as a council candidate as it is to stand a hundred miles away. The Green Party is still quite a small party – this is the first year that we’ve put out a full slate in the local elections, that’s 63 candidates and we aren’t hiding the fact that quite a few of them are paper candidates. That would include Princes ward (where I believe Joe lives). I think his standing there is totally legitimate at the same time as being a Parliamentary candidate.

  5. @john thanks for the comments. My frustration with Green Left is that it doesn’t address local issues. Politics is all about your local environment for me. Build from your local base, making improvements around you that you can genuinely influence.

    I am very sympathetic to the Green agenda. I would like to hear what Jo has to say about the issues that are in our local area.

    My blog is taking a bit of an unwelcome distraction with the elections right now. I would rather blog about cricket, photography and booze. It’s what I do. Not blogging about the Vauxhall gay scene isn’t a deliberate decision. My blog is basically my online identity. As a straight man, I know little of the gay scene. I blog about what I know.



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