Political Musical Chairs

Here is a picture of the @LambethLabour candidate standing in The Oval ward for the forthcoming local elections. I am publishing the photograph of Jane Edbrooke, because local people in my ward have seen very little of the Labour team.

I’m not sure if the situation is any different down in East Hampshire, which is where Jane is also standing as the PPC for the Westminster seat.


Jane Edbrooke

I’m all for ambition, but spreading yourself between South London and East Hampshire is stretching it slightly.

This maybe explains the lack of #labourdoorstep activity around SW8, not to mention the nowhere to be seenopportunity to feed into the consultation process” for the proposed cooperative council, as Jane posted up on her blog (South London version.)

Let us not forget that our friends @LambethLabour have past form in holding political ambitions in different parts of the country. Councillor Sam Townsend was eventually forced to resign his Prince’s ward seat, after he moved to Bristol, yet still continued to claim his £10,000 annual local authority allowance.

It is not surprising that many questions remain over the political ambitions of Jane Edbrooke ahead of May 6th, both locally and nationally.

What is going to happen to Jane, should the ambitious career politician be elected as both a Lambeth Councillor, as well as a Westminster MP? Will she base herself at The Oval, or over in her East Hampshire constituency? Or maybe even right on the other side of the Lambeth borough in Herne Hill, which is where Jane currently lives?

Like most career politicians, Jane is thankfully on twitter (@janeinlondon – @janeineasthampshire is not yet taken.) Like most career politicians, Jane isn’t that great at answering questions put to her via twitter.

She was decent enough though to send me an email, confirming her candidature in both South London and East Hampshire:

I live in Lambeth and am fully committed to campaigning for a Labour council and a Labour Oval ward.

If Jane is committed to The Oval, then why has she got greater political ambitions down in East Hampshire? And is she telling the good people of East Hampshire that she is equally “committed” to their patch? If not, why not?

Or could it simply be that Jane is standing in East Hampshire as a *shhh* paper candidate, happy to make up the numbers, safe in the knowledge the Tory 5,509 majority is out of her reach?

If so – shame on her. This is a mockery of democracy. In it to win it.

The good people of East Hampshire deserve a stronger PPC, someone with genuine ambitions to win the seat, and hold the local Conservative party to account. A General Election isn’t a work experience opportunity for an aspirational career politician.

It was only through a lack of information about my local @LambethLabour candidates that led me to make the connection between The Oval and East Hampshire. In the absence of any information coming my way from @LambethLabour, I had to Google the candidate names being put forward.

I wonder if Jane was going to publicly declare her dual interest, had I not asked her directly? And what of the good folk in East Hampshire? Has Jane declared her Lambeth interests down on the South coast?

To be fair to Jane, she has been out doing the politician’s meet ‘n greet thing around my little patch of South London.

Jane Edbrooke

She has also been out doing the politician’s meet ‘n greet thing around East Hampshire, although probably not at the same time as her South London electioneering.

Jane Edbrooke

It all must seem rather exciting, flipping wards and constituencies each weekend. I wonder which seat Jane secretly would like to win the most? And where will she base herself on election night?

Or what about if Jane wins The Oval seat, but not East Hampshire, and then the Labour party offers her a more winnable Parliamentary seat, midway through her Lambeth political career?

It’s the ultimate double your money political gamble. Some you win, some you don’t.

Local politics in my little patch of South London has just become incredibly exciting.

X marks the spot.

3 thoughts on “Political Musical Chairs

  1. Good job I read her East Hants profile and saw her family was in the RAF.

    Otherwise, I might have assumed she had a background in the parachute regiment.

    To be fair, Jason, the Labour voters of East Hants ought to be more offended: this parliamentary candidate clearly has calculated that her chances of success there are so remote that she will really be furthering her political career in Lambeth. No wonder Labour polled just 7% of the votes in Hampshire East at the 2005 election.

  2. Hi – your blog has made very interesting reading. I am one of those good people in East Hants, who is trying to find out who my choices are for voting (as they never seem to come to my door and tell me), so it is with interest I find that my local prospective labour candidate is also standing in London… of course, this is because she knows that she does not stand a cat in hells chance of winning down here – but as you say, this is not an opportunity for work experience!

    I had not heard of Jane (or any of my other candidates for that matter) before and she certainly doesn’t make it clear she is standing in different areas…

    Makes me want to delve into the backgrounds of the other candidates a bit more!

  3. Interesting.

    I live in Petersfield (East Hampshire), and couldn’t find much about Ms Edbrooke. Now I know why.

    I think that has made up my mind about who I am not voting for.

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