LibDem Letterbox Luvvies

If this doesn’t brighten up your Bank Holiday blues, then nothing will – it’s only some election literature through the letterbox from @LambethLibDems.


All information is welcome as we approach the local elections on May 6th. In the absence of anything from @LambethLabour and @janeinlondon East Hampshire (more of which to follow…) here’s what the Love Me I’m a Liberal lot have to say.

First of all, about that publication name: South London News.


You would have thought that @LambethLibDems would want to try and put as much distance as possible between itself and @SthLondonPress. The sex ad funded local newspaper is a key election issue in Lambeth.

More specifically, @LambethLibDems have yet to come up with any answer as to where they would place statutory local authority adverts, should they win the election and carry out their pledge to stop publishing Lambeth Life.

But anyway, moving on…

Tories are Third – Again and Again!

…screams the headline to accompany the hastily knocked up bar chart in the right hand corner of the South London News.

Hurrah! I think.

But wait, what’s this?

With @LambethLabour polling 44% of the votes back in the 2006 local election, and @LambethLibDems only managing 30%, which party d’ya reckon managed a rather respectable 17% for a traditional Tory hating inner city borough?

Blimey – it was only the blue rinse mob from the leafy Lambeth suburbs of West Norwood and West Dulwich. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius (or even a local LibDem politician) to calculate that 30% + 17% = 47%, a figure that would put a LibDem / Tory marriage of inconvenience in power at Lambeth Town Hall.

Tories are Third – Again and Again! (…but @LambethLibDems may just need their support on the morning of May 7th.)

The lead in South London News is on the economy; hardly a micro local level issue. Vince Cable’s proposed tax free allowance is also hardly a local credible alternative to @LambethLabour’s proposed John Lewis Petri dish experimentation with the Lambeth budget. I remain to be convinced how the LibDems in Lambeth plan to manage the cuts, something that all local politicians agree need to be carried out.

p2 of South London News has a piece on Tube Closures Anger, with a by-line from the Transport Correspondent, Andrew Sawdon.

Ah, that would be the good Councillor Andrew Sawdon, who although has been a very decent local LibDem Councillor for my Oval ward, he should perhaps take care with giving himself a fancy journo title, in what is essentially a piece of party propaganda. That’s what Lambeth Life is for, isn’t it?

The picture to accompany the copy has the caption of:

CLOSED: Stockwell passengers are hard hit by the tube closures.

Pictured are ‘Stockwell passengers’ Anthony Bottrall, a prominent LibDem campaigner around Sunny Stockwell, as well as LibDem Vauxhall spokesperson, Caroline Pidgeon. How hard can it be to find some genuine Stockwell passengers who are sympathetic to the LibDem campaign to stop closures on the Victoria Line?


p3 picks up on the complete failure of @LambethLabour’s housing policy, as well as some crime stats, stating:

Burglary up 21% and gun crime up a 73%.

No mention of the very fine work of the Neighbourhood Safety Panels that have been introduced so successfully under the current Labour administration.

And that’s about yer lot from the Love Me I’m a Liberal Lot. A mixture of national and local policies, plenty of smiling Councillors and not a pothole picture in site.

In the absence of anything from @LambethLabour and @janeinlondon East Hampshire : come in Oval Conservatives. We (and @LambethLibDems) need you now, more than ever.


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