Night Mayor

Last Man Standing in Mr Mayor’s Parlour, suited and booted and downing local authority red wine like it was Ribena (which is a whole political debate in itself…)

Blimey. What do I win?

And so Thursday evening was spent in the splendid company of @mayoroflambeth at Lambeth Town Hall, along with a large gathering of other Lambeth folk, all with the shared vision of improving the borough.

As Mr Mayor explained himself in the @audioboo below, the evening was all about celebrating Lambeth, and bringing together the many different people and groups that @mayoroflambeth has come into contact with over the past year.

It’s a formula that worked to perfection. I’m not normally very good at the politico networking thing, but I managed to make connections with the good folk from Brixton £, a LibDem Councillor and an Elvis impersonator.


I even managed to drag the apolitical beast that is @AnnaJCowen along for the occasion. The girl scrubbed up well. I squeezed into my sharpest suit, and then wondered why I bothered, when I saw the good @cllrstevereed wearing his civy street jeans ‘n jumper.

I’ve been out door knocking” was the justification from the leader of @lambeth_council for the dress down feel to the day. Fair enough, man of the people, and all that.

Elsewhere around the room and my local MP Tally Hoey was doing the flesh pressing. I regretted not having cycled into downtown Brixton, lycra clad and no doubt an irritant to the fragrant Kate and her view of all cyclists as “lycra louts.”

But the evening wasn’t really about past battles. It was a time to look ahead and celebrate all that is good in the borough. Which brings us very nicely to Darren Tenkorang, the current Youth Mayor of Lambeth.

Fifteen years of age, and with a civic responsibility that would make most people rally around the cause for all things Lambeth borough based. I was certainly more nervous than the Youth Mayor as I dragged him off into a quiet corner for a catch up. We’re in safe hands, most certainly for now, and hopefully for the future.


Elsewhere and it was good to meet up with @SE11, aka Mark Harrison, the Labour Councillor for the Prince’s ward. I hope the good Councillor didn’t take offence to my remark of “oh, you’re the one that replaced the fella that buggered off to Bristol.”

Whoops (although it looks like history *could* be about to repeat itself around my little patch of South London…)

But as ever, it was the wonderful, wonderful @mayoroflambeth that stole the show. The ease that he managed to meet ‘n greet his guests of all ages and backgrounds, is testament to Councillor Wellbelove’s genuine social skills.

Clap’ham Town ward should re-elect that man right now.


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