In Praise of Mr Mayor

Seeing as though obb 2.0 started off with a celebratory blog post and an @audioboo with our very, very fine @mayoroflambeth, now would be a good time to reflect and thank Mr Mayor for all the hard work that he has done for the borough over the past year.

Mr Mayor

As we enter the hardened election campaigning period (eek) political battle lines will no doubt be drawn. Mr Mayor has somehow managed to navigate these with wonderful and diplomatic civic pride over the past eleven months. He is the beacon of what local democracy should be about, and a lesson in how a community can come closer together with a shared vision.

Mr Mayor seems to have been at every event I have attended in the past year. He was at the Herne Hill Expo, the opening of Windrush Square and even the opening of the new Chicken Cottage in downtown Sunny Stockwell.


But if you want a scrapbook of all the achievements of Mr Mayor in the past year, then look no further than his very own fine blog. This serves as an online reminder as to how the Busiest Man in Lambeth has managed his time during his period in office.

Did I mention that Mr Mayor also somehow manages to hold down an incredibly demanding day job?

The true breakthrough of Mr Mayor has been how he has seamlessly combined the traditional role and responsibilities of a borough mayor, with that of his personal passion for online interaction.

Online bores have been invited into the offline democratic process. Likewise, the people of Lambeth have been able to keep track of his activities though an endless array of various social media platforms that Mr Mayor has embraced.

He is going to be an incredibly hard act to follow.

My only disappointment is that Mr Mayor was somehow overlooked for the Online Councillor of the Year Award. Hopefully there are more rewarding polls for Mr Mayor to win next month. In my attempt to remain apolitical (yeah, right…) I think it would be incredibly harsh if Mr Mayor didn’t retain his Clap’ham Town ward seat.

Not being able to campaign behind the Labour party banner shouldn’t be a barrier for the good people of SW4 to see how dedicated Mr Mayor is to his manor. Having no overt @LambethLabour affiliation, may even further his cause…

The legacy of Mr Mayor is of course @LamYouthMayor. Samuel Manley has taken the shining example of his (slightly) elder civic figure, and worked endlessly to promote democracy around Lambeth.

Evidence of this tireless campaigning was the 10,000 plus young voters who turned out earlier this month to vote in the 15 year-old Darren Tenkorang as the new Youth Mayor of the borough. Darren has wasted no time in helping to promote Lambeth. I think we are in safe hands.

And so with @mayoroflambeth having a month remaining to wear the civic chains, I truly hope that he enjoys his final days as the figurehead of the borough. Having worked so hard for the people of Lambeth, he should put aside his final few moments to actually enjoy the occasion for himself.

Lambeth is back on the map for all the right reasons under Mr Mayor. I’m still not sure what the spades on the wall are supposed to represent in Mr Mayor’s parlour, or even if jeans are considered etiquette when entering the top office.

Fine work, fella.

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