Streatham Hub – Hurrah!

Rejoice around The Rookery! Hang out the bunting from Streatham High Road! Swing yer pants, SW16 style!

The major, major news coming out of South London this evening is:


This is truly the best news in the borough for some considerable time. Possibly even *oooh* the past decade. I hope that the past ten years of waiting for Streatham Hub to become more than an architect’s scribble will have been worth the wait.

And so following the high level Tesco board meeting earlier in the day, @cllrstevereed, the leader of Labour led @_lambeth_council, confirmed the Hub news early Wednesday evening.

It has been a busy day for Tesco on the political front. Two questions were raised in the House during #pmqs, both expressing concern at the power that the supermarket chain holds over local communities.

It is something of a different situation down in South London. Tesco had held power over the community for almost a decade, but the consensus is that this power needs to be put to positive use.

Hopefully the Hub news we have heard today will signal happier times ahead for the good people of Streatham.

As hinted at in the Lambeth Cultural Services Briefing that is circulated amongst certain Councillors, the project will include:

a new supermarket, sport centre, swimming pool and new ice rink.

It is very early days, but no mention yet of housing and a transport infrastructure. I hope that the brevity of twitter is the reason as to why the good @cllrstevereed left these off his tweet.

There is a planned @lambeth_council cabinet meeting on the 29th of this month. Hopefully a full disclosure of the complete Hub agreement will made to both politicians and the public.

The hard work now starts of holding Tesco to account with the agreement reached. Continuity is the key. This applies to ice provision, making sure that skaters and hockey players have a suitable ice pad in SW16, right up until the opening of the new Hub.

With Streatham Leisure Centre currently closed, no continuity of swimming can be offered. GLL management confirmed to me yesterday that a £1m repair bill has been estimated to re-open Streatham. Given that the Hub now has the green light, I doubt if this is an option that will be explored.

This still means that swimming in Lambeth is a critical issue, and one which needs monitoring closely. Clap’ham is scheduled for a 2011 opening, and Streatham 2012. The next twelve months is going to require Brixton Rec to be able to handle the demands of all swimmers in Lambeth.

But that is for another day – rejoice, rejoice!

The Hub is happening!

One thought on “Streatham Hub – Hurrah!

  1. You won’t be surprised to hear that no one from Lambeth did Streatham Action the courtesy of letting us know the result of the Tesco discussions directly.

    So when members turned up for our committee meeting tonight in a room with a PC projector, and I was asked what had happened I said “Check Jason Cobb’s blog – he’s bound to have the story before anyone else”.

    And lo, it was thus, and the latest installment of Onionbagblog was silently digested by the assembled throng.

    I think our cheers are a bit more muted – we still need to know details of the design of the temporary ice rink. It is one thing to say put it on Streatham Common, but a much more complex task to find a level site that can actually take the services required

    Anyway, thanks for all your support to Streatham’s swimmers and skaters.

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