#billsw8 LIVE!

Big day ahead for my little patch of South London – The Bill is doing the art imitating reality thing, by filming in the SW8 Police Dispersal Zone. The whole road is blocked off with media land luvvies, holding clipboards, popping in and out of catering vans, and genuinely looking rather self-important.

Meanwhile, Mad Rupert of SW8 is pacing out his territory, and giving the folk from Talkback Thames TV his warmest Sunny Stockwell welcome. I don’t think they can accommodate Mad Rupert in their crime tourism script. He’s definitely f-rated watershed material. And then some.

I’ll be live blogging the event throughout the day. I might even attempt a “Hello Mum!” cameo as the cameras roll. I seriously hope that a genuine police car doesn’t need to pass through. You need a backstage pass to navigate my neighbourhood right now.

9:01 It’s started. My SW8 street has become a crime tourism spot for the day.


9:24 A large man is shouting rather loudly into a megaphone. It’s *not* Mad Rupert of SW8

9:28 I’ve just spoken to my next door but one neighbour for the first time in six months. #billsw8 has its benefits.

9:38 I think the plot for #billsw8 involves South London Yoof dropping litter. Oh wait, that’s reality. Delicate line.

10:01 It’s not quite Hollywood

The Bill

10:14 Local residents being held back from entering the estate concierge. #billsw8 need to do a re-take.

10:22 It’s great to see so many uniformed officers on the streets of Sunny Stockwell.

10:23 In other news: delivery man not happy. Had to park at other end of Clap’ham Road.

10:38 Not sure if this chap is an actor or not.

The Bill

10:45 Lack of coffee shops & delicatessen in Sunny Stockwell something of an issue for #billsw8. Sending them in direction of @bakermanisbakin.

11:40 Police sirens down the Clap’ham Road. These *aren’t* part of #billsw8

The Bill


The Bill

11:48 Lunch. Although our friends from #billsw8 probably call it elevenses. Hope they try chippy at Claylands Place. Plenty of guacamole.

12:49 #billsw8 has now been reduced to one man wearing a bib, picking his nose. Phew, tough gig, media dahhhlings…

13:54 This has to be the longest lunch break ever.

14:39 Lights! Camera! Action! #billsw8 back on the balcony. Squint and you might just see them.

The Bill

17:10 It’s a wrap #billsw8 Fairly uneventful day, to be honest.

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