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What guarantees can you give users that Brixton Rec will re-open on schedule?” was the question I put to the good Councillor Rachel Heywood, the Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities at Labour led @lambeth_council back in January.

Absolute guarantees,” replied Councillor Heywood. “Brixton Rec WILL re-open on 15th March.”


A quick check of the date this morning shortly after the final swim of the day at 9am, and whaddya know – it’s only 15th March and Brixton Rec is *still* undergoing refurbishment.

Never trust a Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities. Lambeth Council have past form on this. Councillor Heywood’s predecessor, Councillor Lib Peck declared:

Brixton Rec WILL re-open on 1st July!

That was back in March 2007 following another refurbishment. The Rec didn’t re-open on the given date, and users had to suffer a couple of more months of sub-standard changing rooms.

No worries – the good Councillor Peck now has a fancy brass plaque with her name on at the reception at the Rec. I’m still not quite sure exactly why.

Yeah, it’s all rather comical this Lambeth leisure time shifting. On time and on budget, and other blah blah blah corporate twaddle etc, but there is a very real issue at stake here for the long suffering swimmers in Lambeth.

Future Clap’ham should by now have delivered a brand new pool to the good people of SW4. Building work is about to start.

Streatham Hub is hanging on a board decision being made by the top level of Tesco boardroom management later this month. They may be good at selling baked beans, but I don’t think that leisure in Lambeth is the number one priority of the corporate supermarket chain.

The justification by @lambeth_council in closing Brixton at the same time as Clap’ham and Streatham was that government funding for the project “had to be spent by 15th March.” I do hope our friends at the council managed to get the cash upfront.

Meanwhile, confirmation comes today that the lovely @BrockwellLido is scheduled for a 3rd May opening this summer. By which time, the newly refurbished Brixton Rec might even be open.


What guarantees can you give users that the new Clap’ham pool will open on schedule?” was the question I put to the good Councillor Nigel Haselden, Deputy Cabinet Member for Sustainability at @lambeth_council back in January.

I think my blog post for two years hence has just written itself.

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