Fact or Fiction?


And so here’s the reason why I object to Talkback Thames Television filming The Bill right outside my house later on this week. We already have a high police presence around my little patch of South London. The last thing we need right now is some media land luvvies swarming around SW8, recreating the scene above.

The image was taken on Monday lunchtime. I’ve no idea what the details of the incident involve, but I’m sure anyone being handcuffed whilst The Bill are in the SW8 Police Dispersal Zone will fare slightly more fortunate than the chap above.

I’ve had confirmation that @lambeth_council has a specialist filming unit that negotiates fees for any filming undertaken on the estates. No mention as yet as to where this money is then spent.

It would be great if the money Talkback Thames Television pays for the filming around these parts on Wednesday finds its way back into the local community. We are in urgent need of local projects, to try and stop situations like the one above taking place.

I wonder what will happen on Wednesday if the *real* Bill need to act on a similar situation whilst the media land luvvies are around?

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