Safe as Stockwell Houses

As I have already blogged before, good work @cllrstevereed and the @labourstockwell #labourdoorstep team for walking the mean streets of Sunny Stockwell. You are genuinely welcome around here, and it is great to see local politicians out and about engaging with the electorate.

But about the issue though: electioneering petitioning the fine folk of the Bolney Meadow estate to get Presentation Housing to fit security doors on old council stock.


…as our friends at the ‘community information site’ covering all the community stories coming out of the Nu Labour camp in the Thornton ward so reliably inform us:

If you live in Lambeth, you can apply for a free home security improvement thanks to £100,000 of funding from the Labour government

Safe as houses.

I’m sure there is some perfectly explainable bureaucratic response involving council stock managed by an ALMO, run through Lambeth Living and then outsourced as a cooperative John Lewis style of housing arrangement, that creates red tape with regards the grant.


But it’s all about the residents and their security doors, isn’t it?

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