Part of the Plan

A quick check of the diary reveals that it is four weeks since the award winning @lambeth_council planning department confirmed that demolition work would commence “within two weeks” on the Clap’ham Road / Crewdson Road property without planning permission.

Here is the rather ugly scene from earlier today:

Wot No Plan?

Same old same.

Don’t be fooled by the scaffolding – it’s simply a ruse to confuse the award winning @lambeth_council planning department, put up by Mukesh Andani [still the top search on m’blog, closely followed by ‘jason+cobb+libdem‘ – arf!]

The scaffolding has been in place (sort of) for five months. Not a single builder has worked on the property to remove the top floor that was put in place without planning permission.

Back in August 2009 and Mukesh Andani was given the option (i) of removing the top floor of the flat or (ii) face a six-month jail sentence. The third option of putting up scaffolding and say yah boo sucks to locals residents wasn’t mentioned at the time.

Put frankly, the property is now a bloody eyesore. The scaffolding net has become loose, and the corner of the Clap’ham and Crewdson Road looks rather a sorry state.

Meanwhile, local residents that choose to abide by the law are no better off. I received a letter this morning, notifying me of planning permission applied on the property next door but one to me.

I can sympathise with what the new owners want to do, but I feel that their plans haven’t taken into account the needs the local environment. I’ve objected, but with a view to a possible compromise.

The easy option it seems is to simply go down the Mukesh Andani route, and bypass the award winning @lambeth_council planning department.

Now then, here’s an interesting proposition…

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