Old Bill

And so I write a hashed considered blog post all about the perceived threat of crime in SW8, and then an hour later, I receive a letter through the door:

Residents of XXXX House, XXXX Road SE8 [it’s actually SW8]

Dear Residents

RE: The Bill

I am writing to inform you that The Bill will be filming in the location named above, on Wednesday 17th March 2010 between the hours of 08:30 and 19:30 approximately.

As a result you may notice a little more activity in the nearby area; I would like to offer assurance that the schedule has been planned to ensure you are caused minimal inconvenience and disturbance.

Yours faithfully

David Downing: Unit Manger
For and on behalf of Talkback Thames Television.

Who sanctions such filming? How much do they get paid? Where does the money go?

For an area that is suffering an increase in local crime of late, I find it in extremely poor taste that the mean streets of Sunny Stockwell are going to become the back drop for some TV friendly violence.

Our neighbourhood is still coming to terms with the death of a teenager following a stabbing incident here just over a year ago. For a TV production company to return to this patch and record a crime drama, all in the name of viewing figures, seems slightly incredulous to me.

Have these people no shame or morals? I live in a community, not a TV production set. We have enough of our own problems around here right now, without having to deal with a TV production crew trampling around with their clipboards all day.

It is beyond comical. The Police Dispersal Zone that was introduced into this area to deal with ASB is now going to provide the backdrop for this very same kind of activity.

It’s like crime has been sanctioned in SW8 for one day only. Roll your cameras, do the crime tourism thing and then bugger off back to media land. Not a second thought for the crime that remains around here, once you have the money shot.

Here’s hoping that the failure so far of the PDZ to control Mad Rupert of SW8 continues when the boys from The Bill are walking around my little patch of South London.

Yer man Mad Rupert will introduce them to the demands of front line policing. Welcome to Sunny Stockwell.

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