youtube U-turn

Ah – lookey here – the party political propaganda piece, as put out by those caring, sharing sorts @LambethLabour has been removed by youtube. It seems that a “copyright issue” over an image of Lambeth LibDem leader Ashley Lumsden is the technicallitiy that tripped up the highly offensive offering.

That’s a shame. I would have preferred for the video to have been removed for simply being a bit rubbish. As stated in the previous post, it added absolutely nothing to the political debate in Lambeth as we head towards the local elections.

It only served the purpose of putting across the manifesto that the Labour led administration plans to use – name calling and negative campaigning. The electorate within Lambeth deserve a more constructive form of political campaigning.

The Facebook comments posted by the Nu Labour chums talk of censorship, and further negative campaigning to come. Shame on them. To confuse censorship with vile electioneering is not an easy mistake to make.


Publicly calling the leader of the opposition party “Slumsden” sums up the juvenile nature of some of our local politicians. I wonder if such robust language is used when the campaign teams do their much hyped #labourdoorsetp thing every Saturday afternoon?

The video represented all that is rotten at the core of Lambeth Labour – portioning blame elsewhere for present failures, arrogance and a complete betrayal of the answers that the electorate want to hear right now.

Here is the justification from Lambeth Laboour leader @cllrstevereed in using the video nasty as part of a progressive local election campaign:

Steve Reed

The good Councillor once again totally overlooks the positive campaigning that we want to see around here. In the absence of any uplifting message from the #labourdoorsteppers, the electorate will be able to judge for themselves on 6th May.

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