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Here’s the latest party political propaganda piece, as put out by those caring, sharing sorts at Lambeth Labour. Pretty vile, isn’t it? Of course I’m completely aware that by embedding the offensive video on m’blog, I’m giving it a *slightly* wider reach. All news is good news, ‘n all that.

But nope – I give the electorate in Lambeth a lot more credit than the current Labour led administration clearly does. The video would be comical, if it weren’t so negative.

The good @chukaumunna, Labour’s PPC for the Streatham ward, took issue last week with my use of the phrase the ‘Rotten Borough.’ We talked about how as Lambeth locals, we should be celebrating the area, and creating a positive image for outsiders.

I rather like yer man Chuka and he won me over. I took his points on board. Sadly it seems that his local party on the ground, the one that he has been trying to distance himself from, isn’t so understanding when it comes to the negative portrayal of Lambeth.

What makes the video even pithier is that some fool has actually sat down and spent some considerable time creating all the content. They either have a very lot of time on their hands, or are seriously concerned about the outcome of the forthcoming local elections.

I’m often accused of picking political points (usually by the very same local politicians I think political points needs to be picked with.) I’d find it a very soul destroying task however to come up with such a pessimistic manifesto as portrayed in the video.

I don’t want to hear about allegations of past failures in Lambeth. If we’re going down that particular route, then you may as well overlook yer Rotten Borough metaphors and trace the route right back to Loony Lambeth.

I don’t want to see a Petri dish of a social lab experiment road tested in a borough that suffers from some of the most extreme social deprivation in the country.

I want to talk about the future. I want to find solutions for an area that has become a political playground for career politicians that should know better.

And so yeah, I’ve embedded the video in the hope that others can see what a complete pile of twaddle it is. It tells you all you need to know about the priorities of the current Labour led administration in the Rotten Borough (ooh – get you) and little about the people that really matter in Lambeth.

Shame on you.

One thought on “Video Nasty

  1. I wonder if they realise that many Labour voters have a lot of affection for the LibDems, and, if anything, this kind of negative campaigning makes them more likely, not less likely, to desert Labour at the ballot box.

    I see a lot of parallels in Waltham Forest, where a similarly rotten Labour clique has a stranglehold on the local party – and similar nasty anti-LibDem propaganda is being bandied about.

    I do feel rather sorry for @chukaumunna and @stellacreasy, both of whom seem decent people, whose votes will be damaged by this ugly party-politicking.

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