There’s been a great deal of debate about crime around my little patch of South London over the past week. Sadly first hand accounts of attempted muggings and burglaries have been on the increase. Sign up with the excellent Streets Ahead email network if you want to help to share information within the community.

I witnessed some extreme anti-social behaviour early on Thursday evening around Dorset Road. Local residents will be familiar with Mad Rupert. Six foot six, continual ranting and roars, and a very real, physical threat to the local community.

The poor chap is clearly unwell. He disappears for periods of a couple of months (hospital?) and then returns to spread fear within the community. His weapon of choice is a walking stick, which he isn’t afraid to lash out at random passers by.

Mad Rupert was in full flow as I walked down Dorset Road, en route to Nine Elms. A young mum came out of Bolney Meadow with her daughter, and walked straight into the path of Mad Rupert.

A racial insult, and then a swing of his walking stick at her legs – Welcome to Lambeth.

I walked with the mother and child back towards their flat and waited for the silence. Mad Rupert has a calling card that means he can be heard a couple of hundred yards away.

I spoke briefly with the mum about her concerns. Her poor girl look petrified. I’ve had similar conversations with Goran, my SW8 man with a Licence to Drill. Goran is also six foot six, and equally petrified of Mad Rupert.

And then by chance, I passed three coppers as I walked past the South Lambeth Library. Bingo. I relayed the story, and told them that Mad Rupert’s behaviour / illness was escalating.

Dorset Road remains a Police Dispersal Zone. Although this paints a picture more in line with gangland LA, local residents widely support the move. It gives the police the powers to move on anyone who is acting in an anti-social manner. I suspect the PDZ was brought in purely for Mad Rupert.

The coppers thanked me for the information, radioed for back up and then headed off towards Dorset Road. At least that’s what I think happened. It was hard to tell as half an hour later as I returned, Mad Rupert was bashing an old bloke around the ankles with his stick.

This man is ill. He shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets of SW8, causing genuine terror amongst the residents. I wish I had noted the badge numbers of the police I spoke with. I would genuinely like to know what action, if any, they took.

Meanwhile, Mad Rupert is somewhere within a couple of hundred yards as I type. I can hear his calling card. His bark may be worse than his bite, but it’s a risk that my local community shouldn’t have to be prepared to take.

Plus: Fill in the @lambethcpcg questionnaire if you want to register any particular concerns involving policing around this patch.

3 thoughts on “SW8 PDZ Pt II

  1. I wonder how difficult it would be for police and pcsos to carry business cards – then you could just give them a ring later and ask what happened. It would feel a bit different from taking down their badge numbers – more of an invitation to be in touch.

    I think I know your Rupert, makes his way up to Clapham North sometimes. Been a loner for a long, long time.

  2. hi, dorset road is out of the so called dispersal zone, our stockwell robocops say that it will not be reinstated due to lack of manpower etc, but insist that there will be a police presence but as of posting this today, the drycleaners corner is full up of what i shall call the local characters!!!! police presence??????at least rupert has been quiet for a couple of weeks even though he is still around, but there is a solution to the problem, a certain dwelling! attracts our characters, despite numerous reports about this our robocops seem powerless to involve themselves, until this dwelling was occupied 2 years ago, dorset road was “calming down slightly”! but all i shall say is that she came and her presence is felt!!!! cryptic but hey who knows who is reading this.

  3. This Mad Ruppert guy sounds a nightmare. I’m supposed to be viewing a flat in 106 Dorset Road tomorrow. As the last post in the blog is from July I just wondered if anyone can tell me what’s the situation now? Has the crime got any worse? I am especially concerned as 106 is on the end of the row of shops with a couple of off licenses, so i did think it might be a bit rowdy with kids round there at night. Would appreciate a current assessment of the situation. Cheers Jon.

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