Plan B

Ah, the power of the blog. It even gets the local Labour lot around these parts to put the virtual pen to paper.


Well, not quite. In the continuing, tiresome saga of the corner of the Clap’ham Road and Crewdson Road property without planning permission, the opening of the inbox early on Monday evening delivered not one, but two emails from the Labour party candidates who will be hopeful for my vote come the merry month of May.

Careful what you wish for, ‘n all that.

Anyway – you may remember how I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of intervention from the award winning @lambeth_council planning department to actually implement a policy ruling that it passed some six months ago.

I ended up having to email my local LibDem Councillors, to see of they could kick some liberal ass.


True to past from, and @cllrrobbanks delivered. Good man.

Meanwhile, I thought it only fair that I gave the Labour party around my micro local patch of South London the opportunity to also respond with a potential solution.

Although not (yet) democratically accountable, I thought it would be good to find out what type of policy Labour would have in place to deal with the laissez faire landlord and his complete disregard for planning permission and the local community.

Two weeks of waiting, and the big white blob in m’blog was the diddly squat reply from the Labour party around these parts. Meanwhile, the Love Me I’m a Liberal Lot (who yep, are democratically accountable) had already pressed the matter with the award winning planning department @lambeth_council, with pledges of actual action.

And so a casual tweet on Saturday, and neighbouring local Labour Councillor @cllr_robbins intervened with talk of “having a word.”

Very decent of the good Councillor, ‘n all that. But he really shouldn’t have to spend his valuable civic time chasing up matters in a ward that he hasn’t been elected to serve.

And whaddya know – looky looky here – it’s only a mail from the Labour lot, hoping to get elected around here in a couple of months time. Coincidence? Or maybe just a bit of a behind the scenes intervention from the good @cllr_robbins?


I’ve seen your blog. I’m sorry you felt we didn’t get back to you quickly enough. I only live round the corner and have been trying to get clarity on the issue myself!

It seems like you got an answer from elsewhere already which is obviously good news. I will be keeping tabs on it and am happy to be of any help in future if there’s no actual progress on site. As I said, I live in the next road down to you so I’m in the area all the time if you want anything looked into – please do get in touch.



Which is all rather good. I like the “live around the corner” friendly garden fence style of our Labour friend. We’ll be having tea and biscuits on the mean streets of SW8 before polling day comes along, singing songs of international Socialism as May Day approaches.

The safety in numbers approach of the local Labour party came with an email timed exactly four minutes since the first arrived. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Or probably who really cares?

Hi Jason,

Supplementary to Karim’s response, just to say the issue of flouting planning permission is something I feel strongly about.

If elected I would work to support the work of planning enforcement and lobby for legal action where appropriate.

Again – sorry if you felt there was a delay as Karim looked onto your query.



We got there, eventually. Many thanks to (deep breath) @cllrrobbanks, @cllr_robbins, Karim, Jane and the award winning planning department @lambeth_council.

The top floor on the corner of the Clap’ham Road / Crewdson Road is still standing. ‘Mukesh Andani‘ has been overtaken by ‘Lambeth Labour leisure fail‘ as the top search on m’blog for the past seven days.

Ah, the power of the blog…

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