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I’m not sure which society mysociety.org helps to enable online, but I don’t think it’s the same society that my local MP, the Right Honourable Kate Hoey exists in.

I wrote to the MP for Vauxhall on 1st December 2009, via mysociety.org. I know that the communication was sent successfully as just before Christmas, the good people at writetothem.com, asked me for some feedback on my MP’s performance.

I’m not sure if I was being asked for evaluation on the response from my question, or to pass judgement on the overall performance of my MP. I suppose the latter can be sorted out at the ballot box in a couple of months time.

Anyway – it was a perfectly reasonable, and very pertinent constituency question. In the absence of any response from the Right Honourable Kate Hoey, I am repeating the question here, should someone with slightly more knowledge (and better communication skills) than my MP be able to assist with an answer:

Dear Kate Hoey,

I am concerned about the increased level of aircraft activity over Stockwell. I accept that living in the capital city is going to generate the extra need for flights. The volume in both plane numbers, and aircraft noise seems to have increased in the past twelve months.

Do you know what time in the morning is permitted for the first flights into Heathrow and City airports? We are regularly being awoken at 5am with a quick succession of overhead traffic.

I would appreciate any information regarding the extra air activity that you may be able to share.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Cobb

I’m not alone locally in observing the increase in air traffic over the early morning skies of SW8. The good folk over at the Albert Square and St Peter’s Association posted up a wonderful video, highlighting how this is a very real issue for people living locally.

It seems that my local MP is more concerned with more worthy causes, such as Zimbabwe, waving the sports flag for Boris and sticking up for the Countryside Alliance. All of which have little or no relevance to my little patch of South London.

Hey hoe.

But anyway: the increased air traffic. Any collective ideas?

It could be a vote winner, y’know.

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