On the 32nd Day of Christmas…

I’m all for extending the festive season slightly longer than the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas, but even I think the SW8 decorations in Palfrey Place have outstayed their welcome.

The perpetual fly tipping around my little patch of South London was the inspiration for the most un-festive of Christmas blog posts. Exactly one month later and the bags of Lambeth Council recycling still remain in place.

They’ve survived the South London Big Freeze, and now look like going all the way through to the spring. At least I won’t need to scratch my head to come up with an idea for a Happy Easter blog post.

It’s *shhh* not our friends from @lambeth_council who are at fault here. As I’ve observed in my previous Palfrey Place posts, the Environmental team in Lambeth do a pretty fine job. Bins were emptied, and recycling was taken away during the cold snap.

And so why does Palfrey Place remain cluttered up in crap? It’s all about the lazy locals that have drifted into the habit of using this stump of land as a public tip.

It’s pathetic, and shows no respect for both your surroundings and fellow community members. I’m a firm believer in the One Broken Window theory for community improvement. If a minor repair is carried out quickly, this will act as an incentive for further improvements and investment to be made to the area.

As long as the Palfrey Place dumping continues, then the area will continue to decline. Graffiti has started to appear once again, and South London Yoof caught up in the SW8 PDZ have now taken to hanging around Palfrey Place, before the police… disperses them.

Another email to my rather friendly local LibDem councillors looks to be the best bet. The local team succeeded in temporarily cleaning up the previous Palfrey mess. Sadly it seems that a prosecution is needed to permanently clear up my neighbourhood from all of this crap.

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