Mini Pravdas

Some half-decent reporting from the Oxford Media Convention and a panel debate on local authority information sheets propaganda papers. It’s a well trodden path around these parts, not to mention an endless supply of free sub-standard toilet paper.

Agendas are of course at work – the head of Trinity Mirror isn’t exactly going to support the local council twadle that is published. Likewise the agenda from the hyperlocal (get in there!) blogger is unlikely to be favourable to the loss making local paper (a point of interest: there wasn’t any SLP representation at the @lambeth_council full council meeting last night.)

I can’t help thinking that it’s a debate that is only taken seriously by local politicians, local media and bored bloggers. The readers of traditional local media have an established relationship and routine; the readers of the council mini Pravdas take them at face / backside value.

But as ever, it’s the electorate that loses out with a lack of accountability. We haven’t yet reached the stage in Lambeth where an all out war is declared between local council and local paper. It would be a tasty toe-to-toe match up, and one which might just bring down the respected egos.

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