In Search of Success

I went in search of the “success story” of leisure in Lambeth today. I didn’t find any evidence of it at Brixton Rec. Instead I found unhappy users, who have been shunted from site to site, changing room to changing room, and all in the name of continued investment.

Twenty four hours after the good Councillor Nigel Haselden very kindly agreed to explain Lambeth Labour’s confused leisure policy, I still can’t quite see where the “success story” angle comes from.

I think (hope?) that I put across the user’s point of view in the previous podcast. Padlocking up swimming pools isn’t a sign of the success story that Lambeth Labour likes to portray.

Many thanks to the very kind users who I door-stepped in a very undignified manner as they were leaving the current shoebox that doubles up as a changing room. It was slightly awkward lurking around the locker room, especially so with children waiting to use the space.

I wanted to add a female perspective, but it felt just plain wrong to point my iPhone in the face of females as they were frog marched up the back stairs, still dripping wet en route to the roundabout way of finding the ladies’ changing room.

And so not the most successful of vox pops; which at least keeps in theme with the subject matter of the crazy claims that leisure in Lambeth is a success story.


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