Art or Arse?


No money to keep open St Reatham pool? Can’t afford to even knock down Clap’ham Leisure Centre? Introducing a bonkers 7am – 9am only public swimming timetable at Brixton?

No worries – all is well in the Rotten Borough.

Word reaches me that our friends @lambeth_council are to start work this month on an ‘instalation’ project at the front of the falling down Rec building.

A £250,000 defecit in the revenue funding budget you say? A mere pinch in the ocean (or even pimped out local authority pool.)

Only in the Rotten Borough…

One thought on “Art or Arse?

  1. Wow – I’ve just found out they are closing Clapham on the 15th of January, days before the planned changing room work at Brixton. How incompetent are these people. Where am I going to swim now? I don’t trust them to build a new pool in Clapham, we will never see it. I am so angry.

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