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Sycophantic? Nope. Honest and genuine? Definitely. Maybe it is the time of year. To address the accusations that I am nothing but a Rotten Borough naysayer, I have nominated the Mayor of Lambeth in a Councillor of the Year Award.

@mayoroflambeth is an online evangelist, as well as a tireless offline campaigner. Here’s why I believe Councillor Christopher Wellbelove should win the Online Councillor of the Year award:

Councillor Wellbelove has raised the profile of Lambeth by successfully combining his online and offline activities. Both domains aren’t treated as separate environments by the Mayor of Lambeth – whilst at official events, he frequently tweets to raise interest in local groups in the online world. Likewise he is an online evangelist whilst out and about, encouraging online democracy and representation within the community.

It would be far too simple to simply state that Councillor Wellbelove blogs, tweets and updates his Facebook page. These are accepted as part of his civic duties. The extra value that Councillor Wellbelove adds to these tools is the willingness to engage with his constituents.

Tweets are answered personally, both outside of official duties, and even within the Council chamber! The Councillor’s Facebook page is an open resource for all within the borough. I was even granted the time to podcast a live audioboo interview.


The frequency that the Mayor’s blog is updated is testament not only to his incredible workload, but also his online evangelism. Once his year long term of office is complete, this will provide the perfect online archive for what has been a truly remarkable year in opening up the work of the Mayor in the borough.

Evidence of the power of using social media to harness online partnerships, can be found by one of the followers to Councillor Wellbelove’s Twitter feed – none other than the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Of course it’s not a beauty content (although the residents of the Rotten Borough could have a far less photogenic Mr Mayor.) It’s all about results. @mayoroflambeth is achieving these in South London, frequently putting his fellow Labour members to shame.

An incredibly high standard has been set by Mr Mayor. Come April and the next incumbent will have a tough act to follow. Hopefully by then @mayoroflambeth will be able to remove his apolitical hat, and continue to represent his ward constituents in the same way he has represented the borough.

Ensuring the building of a new swimming pool in the Clap’ham Town ward would be a great start…

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